A Tree in the Grand Canyon

Hole in the Ground

I expected The Grand Canyon to be less the exciting. I pictured that scene from Guilt Trip…”How long are we supposed to look at it?”. In reality I was blown away! I love hiking and one day would love to hike all the way down and spend the night, though I would NOT relish hiking back up with a pack. Even the fit hikers looked tired that were headed up from the bottom of the canyon! This was one of the many scenes from our hike down…we made it to the first rest stop before making the trek back up.

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Sedona Airport Road at Sunset

Perhaps the Most Beautiful Place

I have a hard times with picking favorites. I recently alluded that ONE of the most beautiful places I have been is Lago Como in Italy. It now has a contender…Sedona, Arizona. I will admit when I first rolled into town I got a “Branson” vibe. It’s not that I don’t like Branson, it’s just fake. It’s a place for tourists. I actually texted a friend from Arizona and asked if Sedona was Arizona’s Branson. He corrected me that Sedona, Arizona is one of the most healing places in the world…and he was right.

What is There!?

I don’t know what is there, in Sedona, but it’s ancient and powerful. You can feel it in the Earth. You can hear it speak to you on the wind. I felt more connected here, more powerfully than anyplace I can recall. We hiked through Red Rock State Park for about an hour, and even my mother in law was energized. We went to Airport Road for sunset and I hiked down to this vista near the Airport Vortex. I will return to Arizona…soon.

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When Mules Pass Sign, Grand Canyon

Sage Signs

This sign telling hikers what to do when mules pass, cracked me up for some reason while hiking down the Grand Canyon. I guess there are people all around and potential to fall. Mules are the sure footed’ist of creatures, but still I guess you need some guidance for hikers who are not quite a used to the mules are as the mules are to the hikers! The Grand Canyon was absolutely amazing as was most of Arizona. There are parts I will definitely be revisiting!

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Buick Super Eight Tusayan, Arizona

Road Weary Buick Super Eight

We pulled up to the National Geographic Visitors Center in Tusayan, Arizona and there was this beautiful car. It sat all alone in the lot and I parked right next to her. Our new Ford Focus rental seemed insubstantial next to this solid metal behemoth, it was from another time, but one look and you saw this car was on the trip, perhaps of its life. How many miles had she seen? How many roads had she traveled? How many gallons of gas had she consumed? Soon she would be at the Grand Canyon all but a baby by comparison.

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5th Street Art, Phoenix, Arizona

5th Street Art

I love street art and sometimes walking I abruptly stop to take in what is a wonderful work of art. Graffiti to many, but I will say it again…some of the greatest artists work under the cover of night. This mural by ElMac + Kofie is one of those (though I am sure the piece was invited). I know this face! I am still not sure why? She looks familiar…an actress perhaps? Her color and texture is of The Mona Lisa. Her halo/aura blue and surprising. The texture was my favorite…so intricate and wonderful…it was aided by the age! She is reclined and looking at something unseen, perhaps the heavens. What wonderful things are all around for us to see!

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