Slow Postings

It is with great sadness I have to announce the potential passing of my beloved computer Albert 7.2. There is a potential that he might be resurrected (new parts are on their way) but it’s taken some degree of surgical precision to even make the attempt! Posts might be a bit erratic while I try and get thing up and running. Here is look at the grey screen non-boot trouble!

Instagram Favorites Early 2018

Instagram Favorites

Happy Birthday to ME! It’s also time for an Instagram Favorites post. Since I have not been traveling as much, these posts are fewer and further between, but I just got back from The Big Island of Hawaii, so if you missed them, enjoy!

Instagram Favorites

Instagram Favorites

I love looking back as some of my sketch photos. I use Instagram for this of course, testing out things before hauling out the “BIG CAMERA”. Truth be told as time has gone by, I almost tend to use my iPhone for more and more work. Here are a few photos of things I just love!

Instagram Favorites

Instagram Favorites

Stay Strange

I figured since experimental was the theme I might stick with it a little longer. Here are a few of my favorite out of the box Instagram photos.

It almost seems we need some creative interpretation. #torii #shrine #shinto #Kyoto #japan #slowshutter

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In all the thousands of Buddhas at the temple. I let finding this one. #Buddha #temple #chains

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A last look before leaving the mystical Machu Picchu lost city of the Inka. #journey #quest #machupicchu

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I sometimes think people in The States don't quite have an accurate view of modern China. #china #shanghai #cartier

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The view from breakfast was almost perfect. #missingMyWife #hyatt #kauai #hyatt #beach

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Everyone loves an Italian bicycle high contrast black and white photo! #iphone #iphoneonly #italy #florence

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Instagram Favorites February – March 2017

Instagram Favorites

GENERALLY, I do Instagram Favorites by 1/4 or 1/3 year. I decided to break up January by itself last week because I went so many palaces on my Round the World Journey! Most all of this post is from my trip to Amsterdam. It was a special place for me. I have a strong affinity for Europe in general, but I can’t say I have ever been a place as open and accepting (maybe SF), nor perhaps as happy as Amsterdam. There are a number of black and white shots…it just seemed to fit the city.

The smell that anyone will immediately know as books beautifully envelops you when you enter the #library. #museum #Amsterdam

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Never underestimate the power of a person with a story to tell, no matter their age. #amsterdam

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Instagram Favorites January 2017

Instagram Favorites

Near catastrophe has struck! On the advice of a few travelers I decided to switch to T-Mobile for my provider. I don’t currently have any international trips planned, but I feel like I need to get one on the books in the next month or two just to try out the international roaming!

My catastrophe is sort of a perfect storm really. I moved to iCloud backup recently, and didn’t have my new photos syncing to iCloud correctly. When I moved to the new phone, I did a backup with the intent of restoring it. Low and behold, the backup was corrupt so I ended up starting over completely with my new phone (never a bad idea), but I am MISSING all my photos from Dec of last year! These of course include a round the world trip AND a separate journey to Amsterdam. Luckily I HAVE the backups and am trying to find software that will read these properly. It’s not been easy. Anyway, these photos were loaded to Instagram so go CLOUD!

Instagram Favorites October – December 2016

Limited Travel

Instagram Favorites

Happy Christmas (more exactly Happy Boxing Day!).

I haven’t been as many places this year as usual. This “lighter” travel schedule will very likely continue into 2017. It seems the airlines and hotel chains aren’t quite as excited as before to have me. Regardless I think posting semi-regularly some of my favorite Instagram posts is fun so here we go!

Hawaii November 2016

NYC December 2016

Instagram Favorites May – September 2016

Less, but Longer Travels

With the demise of some of my favorite travel schemes, I find myself in unknown territory as of late. In years past, I would have had to make a HUGE number of these instagram favorites posts, but this year I have only been on three international trips. I realize to many thing sounds like a LOT, but when you are used to doing six to ten, three is peanuts! The future for me seems to involve less loyalty to one airline (they seem to no longer care about this as a business decision) and less frequent, but longer trips. As always things change so maybe a new scheme will soon present itself to me! Pamela and I just returned from Beijing, China so here are a few of my favorite photos!

Instagram Fav’s January – April 2016

On Fleek

The other day Pamela asked my what “on fleek” meant. I guessed on point would be close, but had to look it up in truth to confirm my guess. Something that looks good, is sweet, perhaps it’s a stretch, but this is how I am feeling about being up to date with my Instagram Favorites posts! Maybe I should make up some new vernacular to express my pleasure at having my posts shared, like “mmmhum, we instage”! Regardless, these are a few of my favorite images posted on Instagram from January to April of 2016! Please hit up your favorites with a Heart!

Florence, Italy – January 2016

Rome, Italy – January 2016

Vatican City – January 2016

Tokyo, Japan – April 2016

Takaosan (Mount Takao), Japan – April 2016

Instagram Fav’s Sept – Dec 2015

Instagram Favorites

Catching Up

More favorite posts from Instagram today and with this posting I have all of last year online! I am going to make a calendar point that three times a year I need to get these sorts of posts together. I really feel like the mobile phone camera revolution is one of the most important artistic exploration tools of our time. The iPhone and Instagram, for me, are a sort of sketchbook. You will often see some of my best Canon 5D images on the blog, first explored in real-time on Instagram months be they even make into a fully realized blog photo. I can play and explore, try things I wouldn’t, but on Instagram I feel more spontaneous and free.

Sept 2015 – Machu Picchu, Peru

October 2015 – Oahu/Maui/Kauai, Hawaii

Kyoto, Japan – November 2015