Instagram Favorites January 2017

Posted on April 3rd, 2017 by

Instagram Favorites

Near catastrophe has struck! On the advice of a few travelers I decided to switch to T-Mobile for my provider. I don’t currently have any international trips planned, but I feel like I need to get one on the books in the next month or two just to try out the international roaming!

My catastrophe is sort of a perfect storm really. I moved to iCloud backup recently, and didn’t have my new photos syncing to iCloud correctly. When I moved to the new phone, I did a backup with the intent of restoring it. Low and behold, the backup was corrupt so I ended up starting over completely with my new phone (never a bad idea), but I am MISSING all my photos from Dec of last year! These of course include a round the world trip AND a separate journey to Amsterdam. Luckily I HAVE the backups and am trying to find software that will read these properly. It’s not been easy. Anyway, these photos were loaded to Instagram so go CLOUD!