Commercial Licensing

If you would like to use one or more of the images on this site for a commercial purpose, please email us using the following form and enter Licensing as the subject.

Creative Commons Licensing

All of the photographs on this site are released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. You are free to use these on your blog or as a personal wallpaper, as long is they are used in a NonCommercial fashion and you adhere to the terms of the Creative Commons License. We will even host the bandwidth for the files for you!

You must, however, do the following:

  1. Link back to this site at
  2. Give credit to W Brian Duncan of

For us to host the bandwidth for you do the following:

  1. On Each post you will find the following button.
  2. Click this button and a popup will appear briefly describing the license and will produce the needed HTML code.
  3. Image Use Screenshot

  4. Copy all the code in the box (there are more lines than are visible) and paste it to your HTML (or text) post editor in your blog platform.

HTML code Example:

<a href=”” title=”Battered Luggage HDR Travel Photography”><img src=”” title=”Bridge to the City” alt=”HDR Photography”><br>HDR Photography by W Brian Duncan

This code will render like this:
HDR Photography
HDR Photography by W Brian Duncan


The images are automatically set to Large which is 800px along the longest edge. If you need another size it is easy to change the code. Note that BatteredLuggage’s standard URLs contain a size abbreviation after and right before the filename.


… /L/The-Amazing-Louvre-L.jpg
… /X2/Bridge%20to%20the%20City-X2.gif

Available sizes are:

Pixels wide Pixels high
Small (-S) Up to 400 Up to 300
Medium (-M) Up to 600 Up to 450
Large (-L) Up to 800 Up to 600
XLarge (-XL) Up to 1024 Up to 768
X2Large (-X2) Up to 1280 Up to 960
X3Large (-X3) Up to 1600 Up to 1200

Custom Widths

Do the above sides not work? You can set your own size!

You can replace those letters in both parts of the URL with the Width x Height you want.


… /1000×667/castle-1000×667.jpg
… /640×480/house-640×480.gif
… /200×300/img_3421-200×300.jpg

Tip: You can avoid doing math and just put in something like 1000×1000. The longest dimension will be made 1000 pixels in size and the other will be scaled according to the aspect ratio of the image. I set all the photos for this blog to 900×900.
Creative Commons License