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There is something about me you should know. Something secret…something I am only going to share with you. I don’t get those pictures people take of them standing in front of famous things. No really. Why are you taking those pictures? Pictures of you in front of the Mona Lisa. Pictures of you in front of the Grand Canyon. Pictures of you in front of the largest ball of yellow twine. You are just making the shot difficult for those of us who are patiently waiting to make a photography that someone will hopefully want to look at. Secret exposed.

My name is Bri Duncan and I enjoy travel and photography. I don’t get to do it enough, but I plan on changing that. I would probably be in some far off land right now if it wasn’t for time and cash constraints and the nagging need to write this about page. You can read all about the genesis of Battered Luggage but here is where I am supposed to write something interesting and thought provoking with myself as the MacGuffin. I hate this part.

You either need as full of yourself as Gene Simmons or as interesting as Ryan Seacrest (did I get those backwards…hmmmm…maybe) to enjoy writing an about page about yourself. Oh, and then there are those people who write everything in third person.

Bri was practically born was a camera in her hands. Upon popping out, her father found she immediately wanted his Canon AE-1 and she hasn’t been without an SLR since.

Like everyone doesn’t realize you wrote your own bio page.

Oh right…I am supposed to be telling you about what makes me tick. Well, I am a computer and technology person. Up until my recent conversion of Mac, I had build every computer I have ever owned. I love them, especially my new iMac (see my gear page). What is strange is the older I get, the more I find I want to tinker with computers less and less. I honestly just want them to work. My day job is that of a Cisco Network Engineer specializing in routing, switching but mostly IP Telephony.

I think lots of people would describe me as frugal…I DO love a deal! Some might say I am cheap, but have you see the cost of a 16-35mm L 2.8 II lens? I spend the cash where I think it needs to go and I save where I can. I like to think of myself as smart about frugality.

I got interested recently in travel hacking due to the a fore mentioned limited funds to see the world. I have been collecting miles and points for some time now and have a nice stash. Now if I could only find a way to pay off the remainder of our mortgage I would be in good shape. There are a number of great blogs out there on the subject that I read daily.

Travel, photography, computers, gadgets and travel hacking all wrapped up in one cheap ass package, oh and I have a nice singing voice as well.

Bri Duncan

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