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Sleeping in Airports

I arrived very late (11pm) to Vantaa Airport in Helsinki, Finland. I was staying for the night as I waited too late to book a room at the airport hotel and it was enormously expensive. Vantaa is supposed to be one of the best airports from sleeping so I thought I would give ultra frugal travel a try. What I learned is I will most likely never voluntarily sleep in another airport. Not that Vantaa was bad…quite the opposite, it’s one of the nicest airports I have visited. I just felt insecure. I spent the night worried someone would steal something while I was asleep. They didn’t, of course, but I could shake the weird feeling. Also, winter in Helsinki is COLD and the airport at night gets downright frigid. If you want to sleep in an airport, I would recommend doing it in Helsinki, but then again, I would not recommend sleeping in an airport.

Wandering Around

Before my failed attempt at sleeping I wandered around and took some photos of the nearly deserted airport. There were two police officers on patrol who stopped me and questioned what I was doing. I always get flabbergasted when stopped by the police for some reason. I probably always seem like I am up to something. They liked my camera.