London Tube Station Sign Heathrow Terminals 1,2,3

Symbols of London

You can probably personally come up with a bunch of symbols of London, even if you have never been there! Big Ben and Parliament, the helpful look right signs painted on streets, the bobbies and their awesome hats, but another symbol stands out in my mind and it might well in yours…the symbol for the London Tube. Often around Europe, the subways are called Metro’s and often represented by a M. BORING! For some reason I just love the London tube symbol. Perhaps because it does actually look like you are looking down a tube…practical and awesome looking…who could ask for more! What are your favorite London symbols?

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Massive Supports at the Bangkok Airport

Airport Trouble

I have never had trouble at an airport like I had at Bangkok Airport! SO many things went wrong for me here. I was denied access to the lounge inbound (I just wanted to take a shower after my very long business class flight). I couldn’t get a boarding pass for my next flight. I left the airport and waste some time on my 18 hour layover and on return there wasn’t anyone to check me back in. I got stuck outside the secure area for 6 hours. On checking in I got levied a tax for leaving the secure area! A thai airport cop nearly knocked me over because their entrance signs are poorly labeled. It goes on and on!

What to do when Stuck

I photograph! Sadly I was so upset and exhausted that I didn’t get as much decent work in as I should have, but after the sun went down and the airport lit up a strange blue color, the massive supports at the Bangkok Airport really impressed me!

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Chicago O’Hare Skylight Concorse G

Amazing Skylight Art in Plain View

Being an mid-west based American Airlines flyer, I fly through one of two airports on every trip I make. DFW or ORD. Dallas is my preferred airport for both its ease of navigation (skylink) and the American Express Centurion Lounge (possibly the best lounge in the United States). That said, I can’t tell you the number of times I have flown through Chicago’s O’Hare airport via Concorse G and it wasnt until recently that I noticed this wonderful and artful skylight in the central hub.

Today’s Photo

It’s wonderful to me when I discover art in strange places. Lots of people know about the light tunnel at Chicago O’Hare, but somehow I almost prefer art that is there for everyone. Randomly placed things of beauty that perhaps many don’t even pay attention to, but occasionally someone stops and says, “Huh! Look at that!”

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Sci-Fi Bridge

Sleeping in Airports

I arrived very late (11pm) to Vantaa Airport in Helsinki, Finland. I was staying for the night as I waited too late to book a room at the airport hotel and it was enormously expensive. Vantaa is supposed to be one of the best airports from sleeping so I thought I would give ultra frugal travel a try. What I learned is I will most likely never voluntarily sleep in another airport. Not that Vantaa was bad…quite the opposite, it’s one of the nicest airports I have visited. I just felt insecure. I spent the night worried someone would steal something while I was asleep. They didn’t, of course, but I could shake the weird feeling. Also, winter in Helsinki is COLD and the airport at night gets downright frigid. If you want to sleep in an airport, I would recommend doing it in Helsinki, but then again, I would not recommend sleeping in an airport.

Wandering Around

Before my failed attempt at sleeping I wandered around and took some photos of the nearly deserted airport. There were two police officers on patrol who stopped me and questioned what I was doing. I always get flabbergasted when stopped by the police for some reason. I probably always seem like I am up to something. They liked my camera.

Barcelona to Home


I have been spending quite a bit of time in airports as of late. I am a bit fortunate because most of the the time I have access to a variety of lounges. This adds just a bit of comfort to your travels and will generally get you a free drink or two (additionally adding to your perceived comfort). Truth be told I actually like airports…well really modern ones like BCN. There are a variety of exciting things to look at and do and I love experiencing other countries everyday places. You never know what amazing things you will see or find!

Rorschach’s Moving Sidewalk

Missing Institutions

I admit it…it’s easy to miss really cool things, that are seemingly under your feet. I am not talking about stopping to smell the roses kind of stuff here. Rather, I am talking about dozens of trips through an airport and not knowing an art installation that is apparently a Chicago institution is literally right under your feet. This tunnel connects Terminal B and C at O’Hare. To my defense, this is the United Terminal and I am an American Airlines guy. I can’t remember ever actually flying United. Regardless, this is a wonderful visual experience called Sky’s the Limit created by artist Michael Hayden in 1987.

What do YOU see?

I have asked several people what they see when they look at this photo and I get different things. It completely makes me think of a Rorschach ink blot (or a butterfly).