Instagram Fav’s January – April 2016

Posted on May 2nd, 2016 by

On Fleek

The other day Pamela asked my what “on fleek” meant. I guessed on point would be close, but had to look it up in truth to confirm my guess. Something that looks good, is sweet, perhaps it’s a stretch, but this is how I am feeling about being up to date with my Instagram Favorites posts! Maybe I should make up some new vernacular to express my pleasure at having my posts shared, like “mmmhum, we instage”! Regardless, these are a few of my favorite images posted on Instagram from January to April of 2016! Please hit up your favorites with a Heart!

Florence, Italy – January 2016

Rome, Italy – January 2016

Vatican City – January 2016

Tokyo, Japan – April 2016

Takaosan (Mount Takao), Japan – April 2016