Instagram Fav’s May – Aug 2015

Instagram Favorites

WAY Behind

I realized I am WAY behind on sharing some Instragram images on my blog! Here are some from earlier in 2015. Please like your favorites! I think it’s so important to promote mobile phones as an excellent camera they are. So many people think you have to have an expensive camera, but the best camera is the one that is with you!

May 2015 – Kauai, Hawaii

June 2015 – Shanghai/Hangzhou, China

Hong Kong S.A.R- July 2015

New York, NY – August 2015

Instagram Fav’s January – April 2015

Instagram Personal Favorites

I always assume everyone is already following me on Instagram, but from my follower count compared to my blog hit count that just isn’t the case! Please follow me on Instagram…seriously you will be the first to see travels AS they happen! Quite a bit, my Instagram feed is a sketch book of things to come on the blog! I really should put together a regular, scheduled Instagram post. I have further been thinking about starting to process some of my iPhone photos off the iPhone. I have always saved those strictly for processing on the phone, but I recently realized there are some really interesting shots on there!

The images below are from my travels between January and April of 2015 were shot on and processed on the iPhone. I didn’t ONLY use Instagram, but that is my general tool for uploading my iPhone travel works when I am traveling! Enjoy!

Embrace Travel Sydney

Super Trees Singapore

Light Show at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Water Lillies in Bali

Sake Barrels in Tokyo

The Imperial Palace Guard Tower Tokyo Japan

Stacked Red Rocks in Sedona Arizona

Garden in Marakech Morocco

Attic Graffiti in Morocco

2014 Instagram Favorites

Traveling Takes a Toll

I am just returning from Beijing, China today and as chance would have it, I decided it would be a good time to share a few of my favorite Instagram posts so far in 2014! I usually do a review at the end of the year of my favorite Instagram photos from the entire year, but there are just SO many fun shots I thought it was a good idea to do regular reviews. I maybe should do one every quarter! Instagram for me is a sketch book. I usually take a good deal of time to work on photos and they are not from where I just returned, but a conglomeration of where I have been on ALL of my travels. As such, Instagram lets me stay connected with friends, family and fans and let you all know WHERE I am right now! If you haven’t followed me before, follow me on Instagram now! Before you ask, yes this is all this year…actually January through May. I even visited Hong Kong twice! I really like to travel…Enjoy!

Lighthouse in Honolulu

Sunset in Venice, Italy

My Wife Pamela and Me

Tan Tien Buddha Hong Kong

Landscape Washington State

Point Zero Paris

Buddha in Bangkok

Wisteria on Lake Como, Italy

Lenny Kravitz at CiscoLive!

Greenspace in Hong Kong

Embarcadero in Reverse, San Francisco

Instagram 2013

The Best Camera…

I am always telling people how great the camera is on your iPhone (or even a Droid). I get into quite a lot of conversations with people about camera gear and inevitably they want to know what sort of gear I use. I tell them and they nod having decided my heavy camera is why I get good shots from time to time.

I will tell you exactly what I tell people in person…not true! Sure the 5D Mark II is a great camera, but it’s not the one true camera. Much of the time I am taking pictures with my iPhone using Instagram or Hipstamatic. In fact…why do you follow me on Instagram! Great photography isn’t about the gear you have, it’s about finding beauty and showing that in the best light possible. You can do that with any gear.

I wanted to share some of my favorite Instagram photos of 2013. These were all taken with the iPhone, usually just using the native Instagram iPhone app. Get out there, have fun and take some more photos in 2014!

Which Instagram or iPhone/Droid photos did you take in 2013 you are most proud of? Post them below!

Park Güell Barcelona
Park Güell Barcelona by W. Brian Duncan
Red Leaf San Francisco
Red Leaf San Francisco by W. Brian Duncan
Embarcadero Center San Francisco
Embarcadero Center San Francisco by W. Brian Duncan
Byodo-In Temple Oahu
Byodo-In Temple Oahu by W. Brian Duncan
The Space Needle Seattle
The Space Needle Seattle by W. Brian Duncan
Floralis Genérica Buenos Aires
Floralis Genérica Buenos Aires by W. Brian Duncan
Street Art Buenos Aires
Street Art Buenos Aires by W. Brian Duncan
Journey Orlando
Journey Orlando by W. Brian Duncan
EPCOT Orlando
EPCOT Orlando by W. Brian Duncan
PA Friendly Reminder London
A Friendly Reminder London by W. Brian Duncan
Morning Coffee is Happy Springfield
Morning Coffee is Happy Springfield by W. Brian Duncan
Buddha China
Buddha China by W. Brian Duncan
Feeding Koi China
Feeding Koi China by W. Brian Duncan
Here Comes the Sun Tokyo
Here Comes the Sun Tokyo by W. Brian Duncan
Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo
Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo by W. Brian Duncan