Instagram Fav’s January – April 2015

Instagram Personal Favorites

I always assume everyone is already following me on Instagram, but from my follower count compared to my blog hit count that just isn’t the case! Please follow me on Instagram…seriously you will be the first to see travels AS they happen! Quite a bit, my Instagram feed is a sketch book of things to come on the blog! I really should put together a regular, scheduled Instagram post. I have further been thinking about starting to process some of my iPhone photos off the iPhone. I have always saved those strictly for processing on the phone, but I recently realized there are some really interesting shots on there!

The images below are from my travels between January and April of 2015 were shot on and processed on the iPhone. I didn’t ONLY use Instagram, but that is my general tool for uploading my iPhone travel works when I am traveling! Enjoy!

Embrace Travel Sydney

Super Trees Singapore

Light Show at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Water Lillies in Bali

Sake Barrels in Tokyo

The Imperial Palace Guard Tower Tokyo Japan

Stacked Red Rocks in Sedona Arizona

Garden in Marakech Morocco

Attic Graffiti in Morocco

Sedona Airport Road at Sunset

Perhaps the Most Beautiful Place

I have a hard times with picking favorites. I recently alluded that ONE of the most beautiful places I have been is Lago Como in Italy. It now has a contender…Sedona, Arizona. I will admit when I first rolled into town I got a “Branson” vibe. It’s not that I don’t like Branson, it’s just fake. It’s a place for tourists. I actually texted a friend from Arizona and asked if Sedona was Arizona’s Branson. He corrected me that Sedona, Arizona is one of the most healing places in the world…and he was right.

What is There!?

I don’t know what is there, in Sedona, but it’s ancient and powerful. You can feel it in the Earth. You can hear it speak to you on the wind. I felt more connected here, more powerfully than anyplace I can recall. We hiked through Red Rock State Park for about an hour, and even my mother in law was energized. We went to Airport Road for sunset and I hiked down to this vista near the Airport Vortex. I will return to Arizona…soon.

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