Didgeridoo Player on the Helix Bridge in Singapore

Eclectic Style

If nothing else, Singapore is diverse. Architecture runs from ultra modern to old world. The residents are from China, India, Malaysia, Africa. I was not entirely surprised, but it was surreal none the less, to be greeted on the Helix Bridge by a street musician playing a Didgeridoo! Oddly this is the first time I have ever seen anyone playing one of these Australian instruments. I have always wanted to play one, but unlike my native saxophone, the Didgeridoo does not come with a spit valve.

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Henderson Waves Walkway Singapore

Cool Walks

This is one of the neater urban walks I have ever been on. Singapore is such an interesting place (in SO many ways). I was specifically taken by the Southern Ridge Walks which for me concluded at the Henderson Waves. Many of the trails are elevated over flora is Singapore, many are see through so you have the feeling of walking through the canopy like the monkeys that frequent the trails, which sadly I never saw. The Henderson Waves are different, an artistic creation of impressive form and function. The day I was there people were repelling off the side to paint the underside of this massive walkway.

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Instagram Fav’s January – April 2015

Instagram Personal Favorites

I always assume everyone is already following me on Instagram, but from my follower count compared to my blog hit count that just isn’t the case! Please follow me on Instagram…seriously you will be the first to see travels AS they happen! Quite a bit, my Instagram feed is a sketch book of things to come on the blog! I really should put together a regular, scheduled Instagram post. I have further been thinking about starting to process some of my iPhone photos off the iPhone. I have always saved those strictly for processing on the phone, but I recently realized there are some really interesting shots on there!

The images below are from my travels between January and April of 2015 were shot on and processed on the iPhone. I didn’t ONLY use Instagram, but that is my general tool for uploading my iPhone travel works when I am traveling! Enjoy!

Embrace Travel Sydney

Super Trees Singapore

Light Show at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Water Lillies in Bali

Sake Barrels in Tokyo

The Imperial Palace Guard Tower Tokyo Japan

Stacked Red Rocks in Sedona Arizona

Garden in Marakech Morocco

Attic Graffiti in Morocco

Lion of Singapore

Lion in the Urban Jungle

A quick photo for today, but one that I hope illustrates the importance of keeping a sharp eye out! If I was hurrying, I would have missed this statue of the Lion of Singapore enshrouded in the jungle-like fauna of The Garden by the Bay in Singapore. The lion is everywhere in Singapore, sometimes hiding even in plain sight!

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Chinese Lanterns in Singapore

Little China

Everywhere I go there seems to be a Chinatown. I don’t know why I find this odd, but it always seems peculiar to me. This was generally (as everything is in Singapore) a very nice area, if not terribly touristy part of town. I hit very close to Chinese New Year and since there is a large Chinese population IN Singapore, there was color out in full force. These lanterns were one of the first things that caught my eye exiting the subway.

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Biter Melon in the Little India Street Market, Singapore

Unknown Fruit

The market was packed tight, pressing out from the store-fronts. Further and further they creeped into the sidewalks as the vendors forced you to walk through their stalls. The space was barely wide enough for two people to pass without turning. In reality most of the time in Singapore’s Little India, you had to turn when passing another shopper. I often just veered into the street for a few steps, then back to the maze. Men sitting at sewing machines tailored shirts, hawkers yammered loudly into Britney Spears mics the newest “sale” of the minute over unseen PA systems. Everywhere…everywhere goods for sale. The crowd was thick, it moved at 1000 speeds and stopped with no pattern. It was vibrant, exciting, chaotic, maddening.

In it, was the fruit market and some of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen or smelled. I had no idea what this fruit was, it was green and alien to me. I had to look it up, but when I showed the photo to Pamela she said…oh Bitter Melon. Perhaps I need to go to The Farmers Market of the Ozarks more with her! It would surely have more space for movement and exploration and perhaps I would learn more names for my unknown fruits.

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  • Aperture: ƒ/4
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Taken: 18 January, 2015
  • Focal length: 35mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Location: 1° 18.4265′ 0″ N 103° 51.0142′ 0″ E
  • Shutter speed: 1/200s
  • Title: Biter Melon in the Little India Street Market, Singapore

Carrots in Little India Street Market in Singapore

Packed Carrots

Along Buffalo Road in Singapore’s Little India, the streets are packed with people, vendors and shoppers much as these fruits and vegetables. These carrots were shaded, and I blocked the sidewalk to snap a quick photo. I loved their symmetry, but the man I blocked didn’t seem to care too much for my pausing, nor did the vendor who chased me off. Photos don’t pay his bills and I was blocking the view of his carrots from shoppers who might want to take some home for the evenings soup.

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Indian Bridal Flower Garland in Singapore

Indian Wedding Flowers

In all honestly I had no idea what these garlands were for when I walked past the vendor stall on Buffalo Road in Singapore’s Little India. I did, however, know they were ABSOLUTELY stunning. The smell was perhaps the sweetest part. That many flowers in such a small area was practically overwhelming. The other think I will always remember about this was the bees! The smell not only appealed to me, but also to our little pollinating flying friends. All over the flowers (you can see a few on the white blooms) were hundreds of bees! I didnt want to hang around too long, but I grabbed this photo of these bridal flower garlands before I got stung!

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Supertrees and The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Supertrees are Back!

I am not sure I will get enough of the Supertrees. From early in my travels, my friend David said…I want to see an HDR picture of the SUPERTREES! It took over two years to make it to Singapore. I ended up loving the country! There seems to be a LOT happening there!

Marina Bay Sands

The hotel looks like a giant cruise ship was delicately placed on top of three skyscrapers. I really wanted to get to the upper decks of the hotel. I understand there is an amazing cheese and chocolate buffet that happens nightly…I am not sure how I kept myself away honestly!

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Buddha Tooth Relic Shrine


If you haven’t noticed I tend to visit quite a number of churches, temples and shrines on my travels. I love seeing how other cultures look at religion; how they react to their faith. I have a personal soft spot for Buddhism, for no particular reason, it just speaks to me in a different way than western religions. Something seems to draw me to the East, but alas my patience is poor which is no excuse. Today’s photo is where I entered the shrine. What I found inside was interesting and not unlike other Buddhist shrines. Except upstairs.

The Reliquary Room

On the upper floor of the shrine (you would miss the elevator if you weren’t looking) is a reliquary made of gold purported to contain a fragment of one of the Buddha’s canine teeth. It was rescued from his funeral pyre. I don’t know it the is true, but there is an eternal quality that surrounds the space. I sat for a long time and listened to the monk’s chants of blessings. People knelt, he blessed them. I didn’t ask for a blessing; I know not why. I pondered the place for a very long time sitting silently on a meditation cushion in full lotus. Perhaps if you are ever in the area … stop by, I would love to talk to someone else about their experience.

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