Street Art in Chinatown, NYC

Finding A New York State of Mind

I took a trip to New York City last week. It was a busy week and I didn’t have much time to photograph (despite lugging my camera everywhere I went). Business took me though Chinatown many times during my four day visit and one the last day I was struck by this scene. I probably walked by five or six times, but only after 4 days did I actually SEE this great street art. Why do we let the busyness of life keep us from seeing the beauty of life?

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5th Street Art, Phoenix, Arizona

5th Street Art

I love street art and sometimes walking I abruptly stop to take in what is a wonderful work of art. Graffiti to many, but I will say it again…some of the greatest artists work under the cover of night. This mural by ElMac + Kofie is one of those (though I am sure the piece was invited). I know this face! I am still not sure why? She looks familiar…an actress perhaps? Her color and texture is of The Mona Lisa. Her halo/aura blue and surprising. The texture was my favorite…so intricate and wonderful…it was aided by the age! She is reclined and looking at something unseen, perhaps the heavens. What wonderful things are all around for us to see!

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Female Stencil Street Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina


I have a love-hate relationship with street art. Perhaps that statement is incorrect…I love street art. It can be poignant, providing essential social commentary. Though provoking, causing random passers-by to stop dead from their daily stupor and think. It can be beautiful, or make us question our paradigms of beauty. It can be biting, revealing, hilarious, even revolutionary! What I hate it tags and other mindless defacement of other beautiful works. The intent of these lawbreakers of both ilk sits squarely with me. In my mind, one a thug…the other an artist. I have seen some of the greatest artists of our day, unknown, who work in shadow, who’s artistic legacy will be swept away like a Tibetan Buddhist sand mandala; for now they will be briefly seen. I try and capture them while I can.

I found this simple beautiful stencil street art underneath a pedestrian underpass in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The underside of this bridge was painted a pinkish purple, with this one loan piece looking seductively at people walking down the sidewalk. I couldn’t help but share.

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  • Aperture: ƒ/4
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Taken: 24 May, 2013
  • Focal length: 23mm
  • ISO: 400
  • Location: 34° 35.0315′ 0″ S 58° 23.478′ 0″ W
  • Shutter speed: 1/125s
  • Title: Female Stencil Street Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina.psd