The Passion Facade

A Fractional Facade

The facades of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain are, much like the entire structure, difficult to conceptualize for people who have not seen the site in person. Honestly I am not sure I fully understand. Sure it’s a depiction of the life and times of Jesus, but aside from that, there are things going on in this cathedral that are mind blowing. The Passion Facade was stark and cold, understandable so…the figures were human, but distorted with grief. Here are but a few tortured souls.

The Rookery Elevators

Chicago Landmarks

Today’s photo comes from the Rookery Building in the heart of downtown Chicago. I was a bit surprised that they invited me in to photograph, I think from the general attitude they are used to patrons gawking. How can you not with all that marble and gold leaf. I was originally drawn to the site because it was refurbished at one point by Frank Lloyd Wright. The style isn’t prairie, but it sure it spectacular. My only regret was that so much of the building was off limits. Maybe one day I can coordinate some special access.


Today Ken Kaminensky shared a posted called The Exact Dimensions for All Your Social Media Photos and Graphics. It was so useful that I felt it best to give him a tip of my hat! Enjoy.

Rockefeller Center Wisdom

Wisdom and Knowledge

At 30 Rockefeller Center you will find some of the great New York Art Deco Architectural Masterpieces. Outside the entrance to perhaps the most famous building in the center is a wonderful saying taken from Isaiah. If to only hope for one, but two…I think our time (like most) could use a bit of both.

The Golden Room of Teatro Colon


One of the things I really loved about Teatro Colon in Buenos Aries was how eclectic the style was. In fact a number of architects worked on the project over its construction. Those stories are pretty interesting in themselves, bordering on scandal. Since a number of people were involved, there is a collection of styles from around the world. Salon Dorado or Golden Room totally reminded me of the Palace of Versailles.

Britain or Bust

My next trip is to London. Pamela and I have been watching several BBC shows including Misfits and Downton Abby. I just love the Dowager Countess! I think at this point Maggie Smith is one of my favorite British Actresses.

The Chicago River

Walking Downtown

One of my favorite things about Chicago, which I often fly through, is how easy it is to get downtown from O’Hare. Just hop on the train, ride for a bit…BAM you are in downtown Chicago. There is a lot to see and do, but I just love wandering the streets around Millennium Park. I was on one of these walks when I caught this photo of Trump International Hotel & Tower and the Wrigley Building with the Chicago River in the foreground.

Doorway to La Sagrada Familia


I have said it here before, but I have the hardest time shooting details. On my more recent trips around the globe, I have really been working to remember this small, but significant mindset. Details make for some stunning photos, as evidenced by this detail. I was struck upon entering the door of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain (as I am sure many are) by the door. The entire minor basilica is a bit of a surreal explosion…too much is happening all over. The main door I entered was no different in its busy-ness, but there is a obvious focal point in the mass of words. Maybe it doesn’t work the same for tall people, but for someone my height, there was no doubting the purpose.

Spine of the Beast

A Home of the Sea

In Barcelona there is a house called Casa Batlló. It is without a doubt, the most wondrous piece of architecture I have ever seen. I tend to love architectural tours and museums and will frequent as many as I can while in a new city. It gives you a wonderful idea of the past of a place and it also tells you a bit about what has shaped these people. Casa Batlló is an undulating work of genius…or perhaps madness as the two are so close. I can’t imagine the skill of the craftsmen that made this home a reality. Even the doors are curved. Not rounded at the top, but they roll, the whole home reminded me of the ocean. My only regret was that I had to shoot everything handheld. This is the entryway staircase.

Organic Entry


I love the natural world, the thing is…sometimes I wish it was inside. It’s the forms that I love, but I could do without the bugs and snakes. I think that is why I so love the work of Antoni Gaudi. His forms are so obviously of nature. This entryway in La Pedrera looks (to me) like a cave, the door looks like a tree or a mass of vine at its entrance, the walkway could easily be a spring running through the cave. With sensibilities such as this in architecture one wonders if you would ever need to go outdoors (just kidding).

Terracotta Chimneys

Up on the Roof

I loved Barcelona, Spain. I keep saying that, but honestly it’s worth repeating. The thing that made it for me wasn’t the food, though it was excellent. It wasn’t the people, though they were warm and inviting. It was the amazing architectural master works of Antoni Gaudí. Up until this point, I would have probably pointed to Frank Lloyd Wright as my favorite architect, but after visiting Barcelona I have a hard time making that absolute statement. Surely, their styles are as far apart as night and day, but in each I find a harmony and a craft that I cant help but admire.

A New York Morning

Morning Walks

When I travel, I usually have a very loose idea of what I want to see. I don’t make concrete plans, everything stays very fluid…I am a Pisces after all. My general mode of transportation is almost always walking. I prefer to see a city by foot. I often walk so much I end up destroying my feet for weeks to come after my adventures. I am learning the importance of good socks and proper fitting shoes. One morning when we were walking around I shot this street scene in New York City. The light is dramatic, but otherwise it’s street much like you would see in any city. I think that simplicity and the wonderful warm light are what I love about this shot. To me it screams New York in the morning.