The Seat of Knowledge

Travels Through Time

I don’t mean like H.G. Wells, but often my travels involve investigations of antiquity. Looking back near and far, my investigation is not only of other cultures, but other times. This 18th Century medical theater in Barcelona is an great example. Sala Gimbernat made me think, how there are aspect of medicine and science I probably understand better than these experts of their time. Of course our today knowledge is owed to these explorers. I think too of how much we “think” we know of science and the universe in which we live. In 200 years, our crude “contentedness” will seem positively prehistoric in the wake of the Singularity. In many ways our knowledge is perhaps entwined too closely with our vanity, which may only cloud our perception and lead to stagnation. Our hope is to keep on exploring, moving, learning and one day pass on our knowledge to future generations so that we may, in a way, gain immortality.

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  • Aperture: ƒ/8
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Taken: 19 February, 2013
  • Focal length: 16mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Shutter speed: 30s
  • Title: The Seat of Knowledge

New Mission Theater San Francisco

The Mission

I have an interesting history with The Mission in San Francisco. Today The Mission is undergoing gentrification (and has been for some time). With property SO expensive in San Francisco, it’s inevitable that eventually people will start purchasing properly in the more run down parts of the city. When we first visited, we stayed at a hostal and I trotted out in my purple Tommy Hilfiger shirt and white shorts (it was the early 2000). I didn’t QUITE fit in with the crowd.

Today The Mission is the “COOL” part of town. Some of my favorite places to eat are here and what is still my favorite breakfast place in the world is here. I always made a pilgrimage to have vegetarian biscuits and gravy any time I visit the city by the bay.

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The Grand Staircase of Teatro Colon

Eclectic Styling

Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, Argentina is one eclectic place. It took many years and many architects to complete. Honestly from the stories I heard, either the BA of those times was very bohemian or the building levied some sort of curse on the architects responsible for its design. From this entrance, to the golden room to the exterior to the theater itself, you can see many different styles at work.

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The Golden Room of Teatro Colon


One of the things I really loved about Teatro Colon in Buenos Aries was how eclectic the style was. In fact a number of architects worked on the project over its construction. Those stories are pretty interesting in themselves, bordering on scandal. Since a number of people were involved, there is a collection of styles from around the world. Salon Dorado or Golden Room totally reminded me of the Palace of Versailles.

Britain or Bust

My next trip is to London. Pamela and I have been watching several BBC shows including Misfits and Downton Abby. I just love the Dowager Countess! I think at this point Maggie Smith is one of my favorite British Actresses.

Teatro Colón


I tend to gravitate to these sorts of places. Places of cultural significant that hold a solid place in the history of a city. This is the wonderful Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires Argentina. Some of the greatest opera singers the world has known have graced this stage. This is a view from the lower orchestra pit looking back at the magnificent house. I also sort of love the oldness of places like this. There is a charm…a nuance to places with age. They have seen so much and continue to thrive. I sadly ran out of time to attend a performance I had tickets to…one of the hazards of only spending a few days in a place.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid

New Views

I recently returned from South America. It still strikes me funny when I say that as it’s amazing to me that I can say something like that at all…who just GOES to South America. Buenos Aries, Argentina is a very strange place and I have a bunch of mixed feelings about my time there. Not because I didn’t like it…its a wonderful city full of interesting things to see and do. The people I encountered were amazingly polite and helpful. I think, however, this is the first time i had to confront the reality that the western world is not the rest of the world. The closest was a trip I took long ago to Jamaica, but then I spent all my time on a resort. I don’t think I have yet wrapped my head around all of this, but I am sure this education is one of the core reasons I am called to travel.

New Purpose

Today’s photo is of a book store in Buenos Aires called El Ateneo Grand Splendid. It is…hands down…the coolest bookstore I have EVER seen. It is built in an old theater, the stage is the cafe. The boxes are for reading. The seating areas hold the books. Under the stage has been converted to the children’s books area. I wish this would happen everywhere! I hate to see old marvelous structures falling to ruin. Isn’t it much better to breath new life into them, to redefine their purpose.

The Civic Opera House


I am no stranger to performance. I was never an actor, but I did grow up performing music. Whether piano or voice, I spend a good deal of time onstage as a youngster.

Walking Downtown

I was headed from the Blue line stop toward Millennium Park in Chicago when I saw this lovely building. I stopped to take a few pictures, it serves as the Civic Theater and Opera house, one of the largest in the country. As I moved on I crossed the river. Then I started wondering, Why did I just cross the river? I had been walking the wrong way! I turned around and walked back the way I came, “losing” nearly an hour. Serendipity lead me to this place, and somehow I am most always rewarded for taking the road less traveled. Even when that road seems like a mistake at the time. Besides when you blunder on stage, you just keep going like nothing was ever wrong, and perhaps it never actually was.