The Windy Skyline from Millennium Park

Posted on January 22nd, 2012 by


I was in Chicago, IL recently for a frequent flyer conference (I know…I know) and had a great time at the event. The first day I had a few hours so I took the Blue Line from O’Hare to downtown Chicago and spent a few hours roaming around Millennium Park. I took this from the foot bridge pointed back to the city with my back to the lake. It was a cool October day and I am not sure I was really prepared. After a few hours I was back on the train to O’Hare, only to come back into the city later that night (see Holy Cow!). For some reason this photo really reminds me of SimCity.

Site Updates

I have been working on the site at a furious pace. The major design elements are in place and I feel better about this site and its design that any of my previous works. I really want to make BatteredLuggage a great place for people to come for HDR travel photography. Plus, it’s just a really fun place to show some of the work I have been doing. Thanks for coming and I hope you will follow us in the future!