The Nave Ceiling of La Sagrada Familia

The Madness of Genius

It’s likely hard to conceptualize what you see in today’s photo. Even when I tell you it’s a ceiling. Even when I tell you it’s the Nave of La Sagrada Familia. Honestly, its difficult standing in the place (or around it). It makes everything in and out see insignificant, puerile even. The brain (soul) that conceived this was far beyond most of our mortal-ness, and must have existed on another plane…perhaps, Gaudi was functionally mad.

The completely overwhelming thing is this is but one SMALL part of an overwhelming creation that will take nearly 144 years to build (even with modern techniques like cranes)…IF they complete on the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death as they currently expect. The minor basilica is not my favorite of Gaudi’s works, but no one can deny it’s one of the most significant of his creations and succeeds (and fails) in ways that we might never fully comprehend. It is the manifestation of a truly divine dream, one I am grateful Barcelona has supported and that I have been honored to witness.

Photo Technical Info

  • Aperture: ƒ/2.8
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Taken: 19 February, 2013
  • Focal length: 27mm
  • ISO: 1600
  • Shutter speed: 1/250s
  • Title: The Nave Ceiling of La Sagrada Familia

The Passion Facade

A Fractional Facade

The facades of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain are, much like the entire structure, difficult to conceptualize for people who have not seen the site in person. Honestly I am not sure I fully understand. Sure it’s a depiction of the life and times of Jesus, but aside from that, there are things going on in this cathedral that are mind blowing. The Passion Facade was stark and cold, understandable so…the figures were human, but distorted with grief. Here are but a few tortured souls.

Stone Spiral Stairs

Golden Ratio

I love a spiral. Throughout history humans have been enthralled with the golden ratio and to me this particular expression is one of the best. This particular spiral staircase is one of the ultra narrow towers of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Spain. The last spiral staircase I shot was in Paris and people seem to love the Arc de Tripmphe staircase photo. Personally I think I hit the expression of the golden ratio more dead on with this photo and I particularly like the texture. Which do you like best?

Doorway to La Sagrada Familia


I have said it here before, but I have the hardest time shooting details. On my more recent trips around the globe, I have really been working to remember this small, but significant mindset. Details make for some stunning photos, as evidenced by this detail. I was struck upon entering the door of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain (as I am sure many are) by the door. The entire minor basilica is a bit of a surreal explosion…too much is happening all over. The main door I entered was no different in its busy-ness, but there is a obvious focal point in the mass of words. Maybe it doesn’t work the same for tall people, but for someone my height, there was no doubting the purpose.