Il Duomo’s Main Door in Milan, Italy

Il Duomo’s Main Door is a Bronze Masterpiece

Hulking and overwhelming is the main door of Il Duomo in Milan; much as the cathedral itself. It’s raw size is imposing and perhaps more than any other, Milan’s Cathedral most reminded me of La Sagrada Familia with its explosion of scenes, excess of fruits, stories, vegetables, insects and animals. I still don’t know how I felt about Gaudi’s Cathedral in Barcelona. Perhaps the overwhelming scale is most to be admired in both. Oscar Wilde was more harsh in his criticism of Il Duomo…I don’t think I will go so far as he, but I think my heart will always lie with Notre Dame. Regardless, the bronze work, in all its busyness is a masterpiece.

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Organic Entry


I love the natural world, the thing is…sometimes I wish it was inside. It’s the forms that I love, but I could do without the bugs and snakes. I think that is why I so love the work of Antoni Gaudi. His forms are so obviously of nature. This entryway in La Pedrera looks (to me) like a cave, the door looks like a tree or a mass of vine at its entrance, the walkway could easily be a spring running through the cave. With sensibilities such as this in architecture one wonders if you would ever need to go outdoors (just kidding).

Old Lion

Lions, Titans and Bears

A quick post for today…As I said in a perviously, there were some great knockers in Geneva, Switzerland! This old lion was the first of the crazy big brass knockers I spotted on the doors of Old Town. Wandering around I was constantly staring at doors of peoples apartments and businesses and stopping to take photos.

Door Titan


A quick photo for today…all over Geneva, I encountered incredible doors. I have been to several cities around Europe and to many old parts of these cities, but I don’t recall seeing as many wonderful, ornate and LARGE knockers on doors as I saw during my time in Geneva. I have several of these shots, but I really like this knocker of Poseidon (I believe it’s Poseidon) on this dark wood with metal studs. Enjoy!

The Best Door in Paris


One of our unintended great finds while visiting Paris was the at 29 Avenue Rapp in the 7th arrondissement, very close to the Eiffel Tower. Built in 1901, this Art Nouveau masterpiece by Jules Lavirotte is quite striking. The detailed door was designed by sculptor Jean-Baptiste Larrive and sculpted by a variety of others. If you happen to be in Paris, seek this beauty out!

What…You Want a Picture?

We waited for what seemed like ever for a man on the sidewalk outside to move. He just kept talking on his mobile and didn’t see at all impressed that I wanted to take a photograph of this door. I guess he was used to tourists snapping photos and moving on. I wanted something for my website that didn’t include his funny mustache!