A Deserted Space Mountain

Early, Early, Early!

This sight might, for some Disney goers seem unimaginable. A nearly deserted Space Mountain. All I will say is get to the part early. Go deep into the park, ride the things you want first thing. I think I rode Space Mountain three times before lines stated forming and I ventured off to another of the many joys at Disneyland!

Photo Technical Info

  • Aperture: ƒ/8
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Taken: 16 August, 2014
  • Focal length: 16mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Shutter speed: 1/500s
  • Title: A Deserted Space Mountain

House of Body Art

I spend a lot of time wondering what IS art? What makes something worth attention. What makes it worth looking at, and does that matter in today’s world where Kim Kardashian has 25 Million followers on twitter. I keep thinking back to a post Trey Ratcliff wrote about snapshots. I’m not sure the photo hits the mark in that case, but the sentiment is all too familiar, at least for me. I wonder if what I do matters to anyone, then I wonder if I really care if it does or not. Art is medicine for my soul, but it never seems to quell the questions or the doubt.

On a happier note, today’s photo is from DISNEYLAND! I really enjoyed the Cars area in Disney California Adventure. It’s true you can see everything there in a day, but its a great time and I luckily had the park hopper pass so I could bounce around freely. It’s something very easy to do at the California parks, but almost impossible in Florida!

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The Most Exclulsive Address in Disneyland, Club 33

A Disney Exclusive

It doesnt get more exclusive than Club 33 at Disneyland in California. The wait list is said to be in the years. When they do call be prepared for the $25,000 join fee, and $10,000 a year membership fee. There are a few places where you can get a few glimpses of the club from outside, but these only give you the most vague feel of what it must be like inside. If you happen to work at Disneyland and need a photographer to photography The Club…I might know someone!

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Visiting the Home of Mickey Mouse

I Told You to Watch Out

If you noticed the theme brewing, never fear…I am off to Hawaii again soon so that will capture my attention soon. This is a shot from the small, but wonderfully detailed world of Toontown in Disneyland. It’s almost like the set of Who Framed Roger Rabbit exploded all over with some of your favorite Disney Characters thrown in for good measure. Here I am visiting the Home of Mickey Mouse.

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Reflections of Tomorrowland

Love for the Mouse

I you have no love for “The Mouse” please excuse my next three post indulgence. It seems I am getting carried away by my Disneyland Adventure. I am always surprised at how much FUN I have visiting these parks. There is always too much to do when overseas, but I almost would love to see how things are different. I have been twice to Walt Disney World in Florida, but this was my first visit to Disneyland in California. The park is noticeably much smaller, but I’m not convinced that is a bad thing. If feels more intimate…more special somehow. Perhaps it’s the personal touches of Walt Disney himself that makes it so wonderful.

This view of the entrance to Tomorrowland was taken on my final night in the park. Check out my Gateway to Tomorrowland photo from the Magic Kingdom. I don’t suppose you can tell what my favorite “Land” is in the parks.

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Cinderella’s Castle

Disney Nostalgia

When I think back to Disney, I am always nostalgic. As a kid growing up, we were always “going to go” to Walt Disney World…we never did as a family. I went in High School on a band trip, which in retrospect at that age was probably the perfect way to see The Magic Kingdom. I didn’t go back to the Florida Wonderland until last year and had a surprisingly good time. Today’s photo is one of those photos that maybe I would have taken as a kid visiting The Magic Kingdom. Its a “vintage” feel for a modern digital camera photo. Note the wire where Tinkerbell makes her magical descent every evening to kick off the fireworks show!

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Gateway to Tomorrowland


I visited Walt Disney World last year and of course The Magic Kingdom was my favorite part. I am pretty partial to Tomorrowland. I love the 1950-60’s version of what tomorrow should look like. Walt was in many ways a visionary, not only in the field of entertainment, but also in the way he constantly pushed. We are talking a trip out to Anaheim and will visit Disneyland during our short stay. That park, that started a new empire, was put together on a shoestring budget. The company practically went broke building the park, and it could only operate at the behest of corporate sponsors, but despite the risk and despite near calamity, Disney saw what others would not. He accomplished what only he could. He built his own future.

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Big Thunder Mountain

Silver Dollar City Surprise

Living in the Ozarks you grow up going to Silver Dollar City. It’s out version of Disney…well if you only count Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom then its our Disney. Also you would need to replace the giant scary mouse with a hairy and equally scary hillbilly…maybe they are a bit different. Anyway, I haven’t been to SDC in a number of year (probably 5) and I haven’t been to Disney World since High School.

It was impossible for me not to notice similarities and differences. For instance there is the roller coaster Big Thunder Mountain. At SDC this is called Thunderation…the colors seem similar in my recollection (maybe I am just crossing theme parks in my head). Both are train motifs. Big Thunder Mountain at Disney was opened in 1979, Thunderation was opened in Silver Dollar City in 1993. I am not saying there is any relationship, but simply that it’s interesting. Here is a fun shot I took while the train was roaring by…I felt it needed to look old.

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

Tomorrow Land

I always feel like I need more time at the Magic Kingdom. I got there an hour before the park opened at 8pm and I stayed till after 11pm. I think I had some 15 or 16 hours in the park, but there was still more to do. I never feel like that at EPCOT, but then perhaps I am just a big kid at heart. This is Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe on the outskirts of Tomorrow Land as seen from one of the bridges in the Magic Kingdom. Its funny, because I always think tomorrow land looks like a 1960’s vision of the future. This diner makes me think of Edward Hooper’s painting Nighthawks even though I know they look nothing alike.

Mission Space

Confessions of a Space Cadet

I didn’t ride Mission Space at Disney’s EPCOT Center. I made it to the ride VERY early in the day. It was my second stop after Sorin’. When you enter they ask if you want a green or orange card (less intense or more intense…in that order). I chose orange and anyone my age would. I got into line and started wondering what sort of ride this was. I am not a scared sort of amusement park rider, but I can sometimes get sick. There are pretty much two things that are out; inversion and spinning. While I was waiting in the line I looked on my phone to see what I had signed up for. The first review was of a person much like me who rode early and was queasy the rest of the day. I turned around and left. I tried to come back and ride the green card later in the day, the wait time was 100 minutes. No thanks! Has anyone rode this? Is it fun?