Noir Scene at the Vienna Oper House Cafe

On Alert

Traveling all over the world, you have to be alert! Some people are up to no good. Fortunately I have only had two odd experiences that didn’t escalate into something more serious. One was in Buenos Aires, the other was in Vienna. The only time someone has tried to pick my pocket was in the heart of Vienna! Luckily she was a TERRIBLE pick. Her first attempt was an announcement she was interested in my wallet (which was in my front pocket) and not the back pocket she tried to retrieve it from.

The big problem, was she must have decided I was worth the trouble because she kept following me. I was never in any danger in the crowded tourist streets, so I sat down on a bench. She likewise sat down across the street and started begging for money, and watching me out of the corner of her eye. I stared straight back at her! She finally realized I was on to her and let me be. Anytime you travel, you need to be prepared. This particular situation for more comical/sad than anything, but you never know when things might get more serious. I recommend a great book called The Gift of Fear. The world in general is pretty safe, but always listen to your gut and stay safe!

Noir World

It’s no secret I love Noir. Literally meaning black in French, the term Film Noir has been used to describe mostly crime drama’s and have had a number of notable hits including one of my favorite Orson Wells films, The Third Man. I couldn’t help but conjure up gritty black and white fantasies as I wandered the streets of Vienna. My only regret was that the streets weren’t a glistening with a never seen rain. Somehow that would have made the night perfect…along with the running of hard soled shoes across the inky wet desolate cobblestone streets as I was chased into the sewers…but I digress.

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Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

Tomorrow Land

I always feel like I need more time at the Magic Kingdom. I got there an hour before the park opened at 8pm and I stayed till after 11pm. I think I had some 15 or 16 hours in the park, but there was still more to do. I never feel like that at EPCOT, but then perhaps I am just a big kid at heart. This is Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe on the outskirts of Tomorrow Land as seen from one of the bridges in the Magic Kingdom. Its funny, because I always think tomorrow land looks like a 1960’s vision of the future. This diner makes me think of Edward Hooper’s painting Nighthawks even though I know they look nothing alike.