Big Thunder Mountain

Posted on July 18th, 2013 by

Silver Dollar City Surprise

Living in the Ozarks you grow up going to Silver Dollar City. It’s out version of Disney…well if you only count Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom then its our Disney. Also you would need to replace the giant scary mouse with a hairy and equally scary hillbilly…maybe they are a bit different. Anyway, I haven’t been to SDC in a number of year (probably 5) and I haven’t been to Disney World since High School.

It was impossible for me not to notice similarities and differences. For instance there is the roller coaster Big Thunder Mountain. At SDC this is called Thunderation…the colors seem similar in my recollection (maybe I am just crossing theme parks in my head). Both are train motifs. Big Thunder Mountain at Disney was opened in 1979, Thunderation was opened in Silver Dollar City in 1993. I am not saying there is any relationship, but simply that it’s interesting. Here is a fun shot I took while the train was roaring by…I felt it needed to look old.