Mission Space

Posted on July 8th, 2013 by

Confessions of a Space Cadet

I didn’t ride Mission Space at Disney’s EPCOT Center. I made it to the ride VERY early in the day. It was my second stop after Sorin’. When you enter they ask if you want a green or orange card (less intense or more intense…in that order). I chose orange and anyone my age would. I got into line and started wondering what sort of ride this was. I am not a scared sort of amusement park rider, but I can sometimes get sick. There are pretty much two things that are out; inversion and spinning. While I was waiting in the line I looked on my phone to see what I had signed up for. The first review was of a person much like me who rode early and was queasy the rest of the day. I turned around and left. I tried to come back and ride the green card later in the day, the wait time was 100 minutes. No thanks! Has anyone rode this? Is it fun?