Amsterdam Canals at Sunset


This is one of the last trips I have planned this year. It’s sad really. I’ve been trying to wrap myself around the notion of traveling fewer places, but for longer trips…I’m having a hard time adjusting. Regardless, Amsterdam is a beautiful city. Not just physically, but the people here are so kind and accepting. Amsterdam quickly hit the top of my favorite places list. To get an idea of the beauty, I give you a sunset.

Photo Technical Info

  • Aperture: ƒ/8
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Taken: 18 February, 2017
  • Focal length: 20mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Shutter speed: 1/30s
  • Title: Amsterdam Canals at Sunset

On the Beach in Kauai

Crazy Sunset Tones

I have been experimenting again. I almost didn’t share this photo. It seemed too extreme to me when I processes it. I have been playing with some of Trey’s Lightroom Presets. They are surprisingly fun and I love deconstructing them to find new techniques in Lightroom!

Pro Tip…never use any preset on its default values, but rather as a starting point (wedding photographers, feel free to ignore that completely).

Photo Technical Info

Twilight Falls on Venice Italy


If ever there were a place for the Vampire to roam, it would be Venice. I constantly think of returning here, but have held off this year in favor of Florence and Rome (I have not YET visited these two cities). The thing is, there is so much motion and tone in Venice. It can be a bit TOO easy to find something to photograph, but honestly that is nothing to complain about!

Photo Technical Info

On a Deserted Bali Beach at Sunset

Peaceful Wandering

It was peaceful on the beach in Bali. It was oddly quiet when I visited and I was so exhausted that I decided to spend the days I had sitting on the beach at the resort. That is an exceptionally odd thing for me to do…I don’t think I have ever done it before honestly. The ocean in my little cove was calm and the sun had retreated behind the clouds making for some wonderfully warm light. I was walking alone on a beach, halfway around the world for my home. Sometimes, I am in awe of where I have been.

Photo Technical Info

  • Aperture: ƒ/8
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Taken: 17 February, 2015
  • Focal length: 25mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Shutter speed: 1/250s
  • Title: On a Deserted Bali Beach at Sunset

Landing in the City of Angels

Flying Photos

As much as I fly, you would think I would take tons of aerial photos from planes. NOT SO! With a few exceptions, I usually don’t. I am, what you might call a getter-upper. I drink a ton of water (and wine) when I fly and I tend to use the lav as much as the rest of the cabin combined. As such I am an isle seat preference on my account (you have that set, RIGHT). On this flight, the sky was crazy colored with the sunset and the smog hanging over L.A. that I just leaned over the guy sitting next to me. He too was taking photos so that helped break the ice!

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Sedona Airport Road at Sunset

Perhaps the Most Beautiful Place

I have a hard times with picking favorites. I recently alluded that ONE of the most beautiful places I have been is Lago Como in Italy. It now has a contender…Sedona, Arizona. I will admit when I first rolled into town I got a “Branson” vibe. It’s not that I don’t like Branson, it’s just fake. It’s a place for tourists. I actually texted a friend from Arizona and asked if Sedona was Arizona’s Branson. He corrected me that Sedona, Arizona is one of the most healing places in the world…and he was right.

What is There!?

I don’t know what is there, in Sedona, but it’s ancient and powerful. You can feel it in the Earth. You can hear it speak to you on the wind. I felt more connected here, more powerfully than anyplace I can recall. We hiked through Red Rock State Park for about an hour, and even my mother in law was energized. We went to Airport Road for sunset and I hiked down to this vista near the Airport Vortex. I will return to Arizona…soon.

Photo Technical Info

Supertrees and The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Supertrees are Back!

I am not sure I will get enough of the Supertrees. From early in my travels, my friend David said…I want to see an HDR picture of the SUPERTREES! It took over two years to make it to Singapore. I ended up loving the country! There seems to be a LOT happening there!

Marina Bay Sands

The hotel looks like a giant cruise ship was delicately placed on top of three skyscrapers. I really wanted to get to the upper decks of the hotel. I understand there is an amazing cheese and chocolate buffet that happens nightly…I am not sure how I kept myself away honestly!

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Supertree Sky Walk


Since I started traveling I have wanted to visit the Supertrees in Singapore. Last month I too the very long journey to see them. The area is part of the Garden by the Bay, a park that melds into the overall Marina Bay area. The entire area is a architectural biological and technological wonderland! The Supertrees are solar powered, but that only scratches the surface of this amazing place.

Friendly Faces

All the stories I recall from the news had me a bit worried about my visit to Singapore. I take a medicine that is not allowed to enter the country and generally I don’t worry about my prescriptions (my doctor gave them to me after all), but I worried in Singapore. The thing is, as has always been my experience with travel, I found something completely different than I expected. The people in Singapore and very friendly (almost too much so) and from ALL over the world. It seemed like everywhere I went I met someone from a different country. I met people from India, China, England, Vietnam, Germany, and many more places. It truly is a melting pot!

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Fiery Sunset on Waikiki

Worth the Time

I know when I come back from trips, I have a huge number of photos and a good swath of them I label in my head as unusable for publication. Maybe you do too and I want to challenge you to think differently about those photos. Something originally grabbed your attention and caused you to snap the picture. It was worth taking and recently I have begun to believe there is value in working on these less than stellar gems. Experimenting in processing allows for a world of new results.

Today’s Photo

I was originally drawn to this fiery sunset on Waikiki, a subject I have looked at numerous times, but much differently today. I discounted this shot because there were so many people and so much clutter. Instead, I upped the contrast and rendered the bulk of the foreground in silhouette, all the while creating a surreal sunset giving everything an unworldly red/orange hue. The great thing is this was processed entirely in Lightroom 5! Try taking a fresh look at your unusable images. Focus on what drew you to take the shot in the first place, then find the photo!

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Servizio Gondole Venice Italy

Good Luck in Venice

I couldn’t believe my luck in Venice. Not only was the weather warm (for January) the sunset had been spectacular. Despite my worsening bronchial infection one I knew would require antibiotics, I didn’t want to leave St. Mark’s Square for the hotel. I continued to wander around as darkness overtook Venice the city began to show its other side. It’s a side of Venice I didn’t have time to find…one of dimly light, ancient cobblestone streets and masked figures.

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