A Walk Above the Clouds in Maui

Higher Then the Heavens

My parents are planning a trip to Hawaii which made me latch onto this photo of the first time Pamela and I went to Maui. One of the MUST do things is a sunrise atop Haleakala. After the light show, Pamela and I visited the visitors center. Then we set out for a hike around and into the volcano’s crater. There are periods up there when you are outside, the sun beating down on you and the clouds roll in and you realize, you are looking down on a part of the heavens.

Photo Technical Info

  • Aperture: ƒ/8
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Taken: 22 July, 2012
  • Focal length: 16mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Shutter speed: 1/500s
  • Title: A Walk Above the Clouds in Maui

Volcanic Plain

Parts Unknown

I had never been here before, WE had never been here before. The terrain was unfamiliar and looked to me like something from an African Safari. It’s strange how things strike you when your surrounding are not automatically known to you. The mind tries to conjure up something that makes you feel safe even though there was no danger here. We were in the heart of one of Oahu’s most popular destinations, Diamond Head Crater. A long dead head that became inactive some 150,000 years ago.

More Experiments

Today’s photo was another experiment in which I have been dabbling more and more on Battered Luggage. It’s a triptych of sorts, but the images are presented in a nonsensical sort of way. It’s a very basic abstraction, but I found myself enjoying the way my mind spins around then looking at it. I wonder where these photo experiments will take me. Do you enjoy them or do you prefer a more straight forward photo when looking at my work?

Photo Technical Info

Dawn Over Haleakala Maui, Hawaii

Revisiting Previous Works

Photography for me, is about exploration, experimentation and finding that photo in my mind. It’s how I recall my life…as photos. Some of the more magical moments are often hard to express. What I see, and prehaps more importantly what I remember seeing is very different that what the camera sees. Saturation changes based on the exposure, for instance.

Our technology despite being marvelous, is a poor substitute for what nature can produce and what our brain can see and recall. I tend to not go back to images or scenes unless they are completely different, but today, I am making an exception. The last dawn over Haleakala photo I felt was too saturated and I used a variety of new techniques to product today’s version. Tell me what you think, which version do you like best and do you revisit photos to work on them again?

Photo Technical Info