Hotel Greeters

Ni Hao!

A quick photo for today, but I just loved these guys. The greeted me every time I entered the elevator area of the Park Hyatt in Shanghai, China. It’s probably a silly little thing, but this little art piece somehow made me feel welcome and made me smile every time I saw them.

Floralis Generica

Big Robots

This was a treat for me. One of the main reasons I went to Buenos Aires was to see the sculpture Floralis Genérica. That sounds a bit odd and it wasn’t the ONLY reason I went. When you see the photos of where I stayed you will see some of the other reasons. It was, well, a mansion! That is a subject for another post. I saw a photo of Floralis Genérica and knew I wanted to see it in person as soon as someone explained it moved with the sun. Yes, it is a massive robot, that opens and closes like a real flower. It follows the sun during the day a and opens and closes its petals. AMAZING!

End of an Era

Last Thrusday Pamela and I had to say goodbye to our beloved cat Kennedy. He was a character. Among other things Mr. Kennedy T. Cat was CCO (Chief Cat Officer) in our businesses, a position that will be nearly impossible to replace. Pamela and I have been doing ok with now only sporadic bouts of sadness. We have both really appreciated everyone’s thoughts and prayers. I think Pamela told Kennedy’s last story better than I ever could. Kennedy would have wanted to either eat or poop on the flower below…perhaps both.

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Things

Sometimes the most wonderful things are hidden in plain sight. While I was walking around the grounds of the Louvre in Paris, I happened to (as I often do) look up. I was greeted by this wonderful piece of artistry attached to the ceiling. I am sure it serves some purpose. I am sure it has wonderful meaning. I am sure the artisans who created it put great effort and love into its birth. I am however not sure why it was there or quite why I enjoyed its company so, but what can tell you is all around us, there are things of beauty. We only have to look for them, and see.

Winged Victory

Dangerous Waters

The Louvre is a sea of people.

I was thinking this as I stood on the platform of the staircase that displays one of the most famous sculptures in the world, Winged Victory. Along with the Venus De Milo, Winged Victory is one of the must see sculptures at the Louvre. It is impossible to see all the the Louvre’s treasures in a day (you actually would need a week or more), but there are highlights your first time through which you don’t want to miss. It’s best to have a plan, and my plan that day was to capture a bracket of Winged Victory with no extra people in shot. This brings me full circle to my ocean of fellow gawkers. In an odd way this struggle made me appreciate the photo more, and the victory of battle at sea.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah Everyone!

The Gates of Hell

Hope Abandoned

One of the places I wanted to go while in Paris was the Musée Rodin which was formerly Rodin’s residence. It is a stately manor in need of repair, but a wonderful place to visit while in Paris if you enjoy sculpture and you have the museum pass. Easily the most striking piece in the place is The Gates of Hell. Rodin spent much of the latter part of his life (37 years) working on the sculpture and never completed the work. There is a heavy presence surrounding the gate. Many of the 180 bronze figures on the structure writhe in pain and suffer for their worldly transgressions. I had an odd feeling that I was glad Rodin never completed the work as I am not sure I would like to see what was on its other side.

Creative License

I have often said, I am interested in creating a feeling of a place and time in my photos rather than a snapshot representing how it looked. I want to transport viewers to how I felt at the time, how a place made an impact on me and try and convey that through my images. If I am successful, herein lies success in my mind.

Inferno – Canto III

Through me the way to the suffering city,
Through me the everlasting pain;
Through me the way that runs among the Lost.
Justice urged on my exalted Creator: Divine Power made me,
The Supreme Wisdom and the Primal Love.
Nothing was made before me but eternal things And I endure eternally.
Abandon all hope – You Who Enter Here.