The Gates of Hell

Hope Abandoned

One of the places I wanted to go while in Paris was the Musée Rodin which was formerly Rodin’s residence. It is a stately manor in need of repair, but a wonderful place to visit while in Paris if you enjoy sculpture and you have the museum pass. Easily the most striking piece in the place is The Gates of Hell. Rodin spent much of the latter part of his life (37 years) working on the sculpture and never completed the work. There is a heavy presence surrounding the gate. Many of the 180 bronze figures on the structure writhe in pain and suffer for their worldly transgressions. I had an odd feeling that I was glad Rodin never completed the work as I am not sure I would like to see what was on its other side.

Creative License

I have often said, I am interested in creating a feeling of a place and time in my photos rather than a snapshot representing how it looked. I want to transport viewers to how I felt at the time, how a place made an impact on me and try and convey that through my images. If I am successful, herein lies success in my mind.

Inferno – Canto III

Through me the way to the suffering city,
Through me the everlasting pain;
Through me the way that runs among the Lost.
Justice urged on my exalted Creator: Divine Power made me,
The Supreme Wisdom and the Primal Love.
Nothing was made before me but eternal things And I endure eternally.
Abandon all hope – You Who Enter Here.