Floralis Generica

Posted on June 17th, 2013 by

Big Robots

This was a treat for me. One of the main reasons I went to Buenos Aires was to see the sculpture Floralis Genérica. That sounds a bit odd and it wasn’t the ONLY reason I went. When you see the photos of where I stayed you will see some of the other reasons. It was, well, a mansion! That is a subject for another post. I saw a photo of Floralis Genérica and knew I wanted to see it in person as soon as someone explained it moved with the sun. Yes, it is a massive robot, that opens and closes like a real flower. It follows the sun during the day a and opens and closes its petals. AMAZING!

End of an Era

Last Thrusday Pamela and I had to say goodbye to our beloved cat Kennedy. He was a character. Among other things Mr. Kennedy T. Cat was CCO (Chief Cat Officer) in our businesses, a position that will be nearly impossible to replace. Pamela and I have been doing ok with now only sporadic bouts of sadness. We have both really appreciated everyone’s thoughts and prayers. I think Pamela told Kennedy’s last story better than I ever could. Kennedy would have wanted to either eat or poop on the flower below…perhaps both.