Notre-Dame de Paris One Morning

The area outside Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is BUSY! My suggestion is to go at night, when you get to see what a real Parisian sewer rat looks like (literally Pamela saw one and said…TELL ME THAT WAS A CAT….THAT WAS A CAT RIGHT)! Nope, that was Not a cat. Or get up early, this isn’t REALLY early, but the crowds are not crazy yet. Honestly, I would suggest going at various times around Ile de la Cite and Ile Saint-Louis. The area is absolutely beautiful and the rats really only come out at night (well at least the kind that live in the sewers).

Photo Technical Info

  • Aperture: ƒ/8
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Taken: 23 March, 2014
  • Focal length: 16mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Shutter speed: 1/100s
  • Title: Notre-Dame de Paris One Morning

Joan of Arc

On Callings

Joan of Arc was a simple peasant girl who felt a strong calling. A calling so strong, that she lead the French army to a number of victories during the Hundred Years War. She was later captured and transferred to the British where she was tried for insubordination and hetrodoxy. She was burned at the stake for her crimes when she was 19 years old. 25 years later the pope declared her a martyr. She was beatified in 1909 and canonized as a saint in 1920. She is today on of the patron saints of France. Today’s image is of her statue located in Notre Dame. It holds a place of honor gazing up at the awesome Southern rose window that graces the cathedral.

This photo got me thinking about callings. What are we here to do? Why do so few of us seem to know? Do you think if for just a moment, we could turn off out egos and still our minds, we might catch a glimpse? Perhaps divine providence is there for all of us, if we simply listen.

A Night in Paris

One Night

Paris is beautiful, but I really love the nights. There are fewer people milling about, and most (excluding the tourists) are busy eating dinner. The Parisians eat a bit late for my tastes, but we kept pushing dinner back further and further to really get into the swing of French life. The cafe’s even at late hours are full of people eating, drinking, talking and having a grand time. This shot was taken just South across the bridge from Île de la Cité on Rue du Petit Pont.

The Bored Little Monster

Gargling Gargoyles

The word gargoyle comes from the French work gargouille which has to do with the throat. Many of these little monsters are there to usher water away from the Gothic cathedrals and their name may have been derived from the gurgle of water flowing from their mouths. Hardly inspiring fear in the learned. Legend also has it they possess the power to ward off evil spirits. This guy is one was of the ornamental (evil spooking) variety.

Fame Monster

This gargoyle is also perhaps the most photographed gargoyle in the world. Over the centuries, it appears he has become bored of both the attention and the spectacular view of Paris he enjoys everyday. I don’t know for sure if this has always been the case or a stance that has evolved over time, but I for one was blown away by the view, despite the crisp Autumn air blowing around the first observation level of Notre Dame.