The Bored Little Monster

Posted on January 8th, 2012 by

Gargling Gargoyles

The word gargoyle comes from the French work gargouille which has to do with the throat. Many of these little monsters are there to usher water away from the Gothic cathedrals and their name may have been derived from the gurgle of water flowing from their mouths. Hardly inspiring fear in the learned. Legend also has it they possess the power to ward off evil spirits. This guy is one was of the ornamental (evil spooking) variety.

Fame Monster

This gargoyle is also perhaps the most photographed gargoyle in the world. Over the centuries, it appears he has become bored of both the attention and the spectacular view of Paris he enjoys everyday. I don’t know for sure if this has always been the case or a stance that has evolved over time, but I for one was blown away by the view, despite the crisp Autumn air blowing around the first observation level of Notre Dame.