Kauai Sunrise

One morning I followed the beach around away from the resort on Kauai and found this wonderful beach to watch sunrise. I met a WONDERFUL character who was here fishing and also photographing sunrise. We chatted about life and his feelings of Kauai and Oahu and discovered his family lives in Missouri…but that is perhaps another story (ask me sometime).

After parting with my new friend, I photographed a bit longer. I was so enamored with the sky, I forgot the importance of elemental balance, the ocean was all but too kind to remind me it too is a powerful force. I ended up completely soaked on my right side. I just got off this photo before yanking my camera to safety!

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Sunset on a Lava Rock Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

After Glow

After the sun sets with its magical rays and the light starts to fade, some photographers pack it in. The sunset watching crowd, all the time complaining that the people and their electronics don’t really SEE the sunset behind those gadgets, start to wander home. I tend to stay around and see what’s left very often there is a surprising calm or a last burst of light that makes your trip. Maybe that’s another of those good life mottos, stick around you never know what you will find.

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Waimea Canyon, Kauai, Hawaii

A Grand Canyon

Waimea Canyon in Kauai, Hawaii has been called by some (people say Mark Twain, but he never actually visited the island of Kauai) The Grand Canyon of Hawaii. I always hate it when that happens because to me it seems to insinuate this is a lesser version of something better. I have never seen The Grand Canyon (possibly next year), but it I have never seen color like Waimea in a similar landscape. It was, like all of Kauai, impossibly lush, even in its barrenness. This place is special and unlike anything I have ever seen and deserves to be know by its own merits.

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The Na Pali Coastline of Kauai, Hawaii

The Pull of Hawaii

Kauai isn’t like the other Hawaiian islands I have visited. There is a wildness here, evermore so than on Maui, my closest reference. This was my first time visiting Kauai and it absolutely will not be my last. Every time I go to the islands, I can feel that seductive pull that traps people and never lets go. Something about the place makes me want to be there, it’s more than the beautiful weather and landscape, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I will keep exploring the feeling.

Quiet Isolation

To me Hawaii is synonymous with hiking. There are places in Hawaii that are incredibly over-crowded, but part of the islands magic seems to be the ability to lose yourself with incredible ease. I found this magic on the Phiea Trail. At the trails head, dozens of people were gawking at this incredible view. I took this photo and kept on walking, climbing over rough terrain and in 10 minutes…silence.

I was alone on the trail with the wind and the ocean and the trees. Occasionally I would come across a fellow hiker, we would nod or say hello, but their footsteps and mine someone were an invasion of the peace. Rapidly, the magic would take over again as the other hiker would fade into my distance and I into theirs. I would once again find myself alone enveloped by the power of nature.

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