Volcanic Plain

Parts Unknown

I had never been here before, WE had never been here before. The terrain was unfamiliar and looked to me like something from an African Safari. It’s strange how things strike you when your surrounding are not automatically known to you. The mind tries to conjure up something that makes you feel safe even though there was no danger here. We were in the heart of one of Oahu’s most popular destinations, Diamond Head Crater. A long dead head that became inactive some 150,000 years ago.

More Experiments

Today’s photo was another experiment in which I have been dabbling more and more on Battered Luggage. It’s a triptych of sorts, but the images are presented in a nonsensical sort of way. It’s a very basic abstraction, but I found myself enjoying the way my mind spins around then looking at it. I wonder where these photo experiments will take me. Do you enjoy them or do you prefer a more straight forward photo when looking at my work?

Photo Technical Info

Budding Tree in Japan


I was walking through Shinjuku Garden one cloudy fall day when I found ALL of the photographers in the park. Keep in mind this is a very big and absolutely beautiful park, but everyone with a camera was around this tree. There were literally people runny to hurry up and get to it before me…though I really was never sure why. When I got home, the bokeh reminded me of a Claude Monet painting so, though this photo doesn’t have enough blue to be a water lily, it was most definitely inspired by them.

Banyan Tree Oahu

Peaceful Trees

Last week I flew to Oahu, Hawaii. One of the first things I noticed was this Banyan Tree on Waikiki Beach. Banyan trees in the states, especially in very public areas are often ravaged characters. They take abuse from the transient tourist population who tend to underestimate their significant to Asian Religion. The Buddha gained enlightenment under the shelter of one of these trees. In Hinduism Krishna is said to rest in the leaves. There is a grounded aura to these strange trees and as with all trees there is great wisdom within…patience.