Rose Window of Sainte Chapelle, Paris, France

The Unseen Beauty of Form

More frequently these days I find myself finding a deeper and deeper appreciating for black and white photography. Below is the Rose Window of Sainte-Chapelle, a small Cathedral, but one of the most grand I have ever seen. Grand not in its scale, but in the overwhelming way the artisans surround you with light (they might have said the light or the word of God perhaps). The colors are invigorating, but it wasn’t until I stripped away that layer of beauty, did I see its heart. The form of the window is a masterpiece all by itself. Removed of the distraction of color, you begin to see this other beauty, not less or more, but a beauty all its own.

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The Tiffany Skylight of Chicago

Missed Opportunities

I have been to Chicago a good number of times. I have even been by the Chicago Cultural Center and never gone in. I like culture, probably more than the next guy, but I always assumed the Chicago Cultural Center was a boring meeting space and not worth my time. Pamela and my mother-in-law happened to stop on a trip and she was emphatic that I visit on my next photography trip to the windy city. She had my attention at Tiffany Skylight.

Massive Light

The Preston Bradley Hall contains what is reported to be the largest Tiffany Dome in the world. The entire building is built from carved marble and hand laid mosaic tile work. If you are in the general area of Millennium Park, stop by the Chicago Cultural Center. I plan on going back next time I am there!