Guardian at Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai China

Ancient Guard

This dog, lion or spirit guards (with its companion flanking the other side) one of the entrances to Yuyuan Gardens in Shanghai. You see these statues all over China guarding places from evil spirits or marauding bandits. I always grab a shot of their fierceness and love trying to find new ways to see them when processing.

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I Heart Shanghai


Pudong and The Bund feel a bit like a circus. Not because there are hawkers at every turn (there are not), but because of the massive numbers of people gawking at Pudong. You literally wade through people to get to an open viewing spot. Often you have to wait for a viewing spot, though if you just get away from the main stairs you will own gawking will be much easier. Once you are at the rivers edge, you are greeted with thew awesome site that is Pudong, if the Ringling Bros. were architects, they would be proud.

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YuYuan Garden Building


I have sat in this spot twice now. The first time, I was watching a cat. We had a wonderful chat, though we didn’t seem to speak the same language. The second time my furry friend was sadly absent, but I again sat, this time waiting for Pamela, who was I think a bit awed by her first visit to Yu Yuan Garden in Shanghai. There is a tendency to rush when on vacation, but I think all this travel has started to teach me to find a good spot…there are SO many around. Sit, feel your surroundings, watch, smell, listen. Have a chat with the locals, even if it is a cat. You never know what you might learn.

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Waibaidu Bridge Shanghai China

Wandering in the Dark

I arrived in Shanghai after a 16 hour flight and made it to the hotel around 4pm in the afternoon. I took one of the fastest commuter trains in the world from the airport. We traveled at over 300km/hour…this is the slower speed they run the train. I was exhausted, but I left the comfort of my hotel to venture to the Bund the first night to wander alone in the dark with 1000 strangers.

Today’s Photo – With a bit of Soul Searching

I have been thinking quite a bit today about pushing myself. The constant moving has taken a physical toll on me lately, but every time I process a new photo it makes me recall the journey. I recall how alive travel makes me feel and how I find glimpses of childlike wonder on the road; a wonder I once though forever lost. There is something out there I am searching for, I know not what, but my soul has seen glimpses, even in the most usual of subjects.

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Jing’an Temple Shrine

Today’s Photo – A Personal Shrine

Jing’an Temple is a vast place full of monks, Buddhist practitioners (laypeople) and tourists alike and finding privacy must be next to impossible. One of the things that I found interesting is the large number of spaces for worship. I don’t profess to understand all the in’s and out’s of Buddhism, but this Jing’an Temple shrine seems to be made for an intimate bit of prayer. I arrived early in the day and was lucky to capture the temple with few visitors.

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Jing’an Temple Courtyard Shanghai China

Today’s Photo – Old Meets New

I have said it many times before, but I absolutely love contrasts. Ares of harmony that flow, even though they should fight each other. The Jing’an Temple Courtyard is one of these sorts of contrasts. You can see in this one view how the new Shanghai has erupted and almost taken over this nearly 2000 year old Buddhist Temple, but somehow it all works. It seemed to me this is one of the truths of modern day China and perhaps one of it’s great strengths.

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Pudong at Night

Night Walking

Walking at night is easy in Asia since we Westerner’s land with a 12 hour out-of-whackness built in to our circadian rhythms. Today’s photo is of Pudong, a very new area of Shanghai. So new there is a gif created about the last 26 years of development … it is stunning. I particularly liked the raided pedestrian walkway above the street that went all over by my hotel, the mall, by Oriental-Pearl-Tower, etc.

Pudong Gif

Yuyuan Garden

Yu Garden

This is just one of the endless scenic little areas in Yuyuan Garden. Don’t get me wrong this place is a tourist trap! It’s not so much that it is expensive or people are trying to sell you something (well there is the tea house), but it’s the throngs of tourists. SO MANY TOURISTS. I luckily got there very early in the day and they were really starting to arrive just as I was preparing to leave.

It Confuses Ghosts

In ancient Chinese mythology, evil spirits can only travel in a straight line. As such much of the design of this Ming Dynasty era temple winds around in some crazy ways. I literally got lost multiple times trying to find one of the more popular areas! I walked by the Grand Rockery with the intent to come back, but after wandering around for 40 minutes I was never able to find it again. I briefly considered I might be myself an evil spirit, but then discounted that notion since I am so sweet!

Hotel Greeters

Ni Hao!

A quick photo for today, but I just loved these guys. The greeted me every time I entered the elevator area of the Park Hyatt in Shanghai, China. It’s probably a silly little thing, but this little art piece somehow made me feel welcome and made me smile every time I saw them.

Monument to the People’s Heroes


My first night in Shanghai was spent wandering The Bund’s promenade with tons of other people. It’s a wonderful space to walk and take in a spectacular view of Pudong (where I was staying). You see the subject of today’s photo walking up and down the length of The Bund. It sits on a point which aids in its visibility. I had no idea at the time what it was for, but I got the idea walking around. The circular wall surrounding the tower is sunk below the Earth and its quite a wonderful experience because the sounds of Shanghai fade abruptly away. I really loved Shanghai…for many reasons, it wasn’t at all what I expected which is one of the things I love most about travel.