Covered Bridge Vermont 1875, Kokomo, Indiana

Interesting Sights

When I visit small towns for work, I generally check the internet and ask the locals about the “interesting” parts of their towns. Many places have something they can call their own…like Gaffney, South Carolina’s Peachoid (I SO want to visit this)!

When visiting a few small towns in Indiana, I was directed to a Kokomo’s Highland Park to the Vermont covered bridge. I wasn’t able to go until after dark (during work trips you have to work), but it lent an almost Sleepy Hollow feel to the whole scene!

Photo Technical Info

A Barn in a Brewing Storm

A Barn

I was driving down the road in rural Indiana when I saw this faded red barn. I actually drove right past it and decided to turn around (this actually took longer than I expected as there were very limited places to pull over). It has been raining most of the day with really dull grey skies. When I got back to the barn, the sky in the distance opened up and a bit more light came into the scene. It was as thought the skies opened up to shed some light just for my photograph. Right after I finished taking the photo it started to pour once again. I quickly gathered my camera gear and headed back to the rental car. It’s interesting how photos happen sometimes if you just look.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Munchkins in the Fields of Indiana

On a business trip to Indiana, I was driving around the rural landscape and happened on this field that reminded me of the Yellow Brick Roads of Oz. In truth it was a soybean fields, but something in the lay of the land caused this bean farmer to have a wonderful flow to his planting patterns.

Happy Christmas

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! In the next year I will be getting Battered Luggage’s design up and running and will be continuing to post new pictures of my travels. I hope to see you back in 2012!

The Trap


As I traveled through Indiana on a recent business trip, I had the opportunity to visit several small towns. In one such place I found an old abandoned Victorian house, ravaged by the hands of time. I stopped to take some pictures of the dilapidated old estate, but what immediately caught my eye was this rusty old small animal trap positioned on the dirty and barren porch. Surely placed there long ago to capture creatures who meant to do the old structure harm given the complete absence of human presence. The trap remained open, long forgotten and innocuous to any of the creatures it was made to ensnare.

Time Marches On

Perhaps it was there to remind me of something. Perhaps it was a simple metaphor of the way time can sometimes erase our will. We forget why we set out to do one thing or the other. We just continue to do them, without a firm purpose; without effect. Like that rusted old trap on the porch of a forgotten once beautiful home, we become trapped within our own selves. Yes, that trap was there to help me to remember something I forgot long ago.