Door Accent in the Forbidden City Beijing China

Blessings of Wind

Each time I visit China, I am reminded of the blessings of the elements. Wind is most usually the element that occupies my thoughts. The air in China is something out another time. I have always had trouble deciding if it is America’s own industrial past or some dystopian version of the future. As we recovered our lung health, so too must the Chinese. The culture is wonderful and mesmerizing to be so hampered by environmental degradation. I am also thankful, despite the choking pollen, to come home to a part of the country that has moderately clean natural resources. Oh how previous these are and we have to fight to keep them clean and available for all people to use freely!

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Door Latch in The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

What to Say about China

China is difficult to describe to those who haven’t been. I have a bit of trouble describing it to myself and I have been many times now. It is a vibrant place…there is an energy there and you immediately feel you are where IT is happening RIGHT NOW. I spent my time visiting the ancient sites (some of them) in Beijing. This is a latch on a door screen leading to one of the buildings inside The Forbidden City. The entire site is very well preserved with many of the buildings undergoing restoration currently (and I think continuously). Much as modern construction moves forward, so to does it allow the Chinese to remember their heritage.

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