The Flavor of Buenos Aires

Pick Me Up in BA

I had spent the morning scouring the San Telmo Sunday Fair. I had expected much less then I got. The fair goes on and on, almost without end and as much as I love looking for deals, I also don’t leave much room for anything in my travel backpack other than the essentials. By the time I made one massive loop around San Telmo, I was hungry and this cafe had just what I was after.

Local Fare

It was still morning and I was justified in ordering a cappuccino (no self respecting person would drink coffee with milk in the afternoon)! I also ordered the local staple, medialunas. These sweet crescent shaped rolls are magic. One of my greatest joys in traveling is experiencing new food or new takes on familiar treats. This inexpensive indulgence fortified me and soon I was off to explore an entire different part of the Sen Telmo Sunday Fair I had previously missed. Seriously, it’s a day long event.

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