The Natural History Museum London

Old Bones

I love natural history museums…they usually feel old and the Natural History Museum in London is a treat. It’s a beautiful and honestly HUGE museum. I was familiar with the great hall in today’s photo, but I was not at all familiar that you could go on and on through the rooms and endless exhibits. Pamela and I had limited time here and missed two entire sections of the complex, but still it was one of my favorite places we visited while in England.

Smithsonian Castle

America’s Castle

There is a certain something about The Smithsonian Castle that never fails to impress me. Its not the biggest for most luxurious castle I have ever visited. In fact, it tends to be a bit plain inside. If you happen by, this view is of the gardens behind The Castle, it is by far the most picturesque. The Castle serves as the visitors center for the Smithsonian Institution, and houses several exhibits. Still there is something about it that lures me in every time I venture past. Maybe it’s because I think of it as America’s Castle, sure there are grander palaces in the world, but this one is ours.

Belvedere Castle Central Park

Weather Stations

While in New York, Pamela and I needed to cross the park. We were on the Upper West side and we needed to get to The Metropolitan Museum of art (Upper East side). We thought a walk across Central Park would be an wonderful way to take in some of the best sights in NYC. Honestly we just picked a path that cut straight through and left it to chance what we would find on our walk. We walked straight into a castle! Central Park NYC absolutely has a bit of whimsey! Apparently this is on of the best views in the park and it serves as a meteorological station taking temperate, wind speed, direction, etc. If you are on a random walk through Central Park, hope you hit this site. It’s quite a bit of fun!