The Dry Sierra Nevada Mountains, July 2014

California Drought

I was really surprised by just how bad the drought is in California. During our visit to Fresno we took a picnic with some of Pamela’s family up to Grant’s Grove in King’s Canyon. It and the Sequoia National Monument are some of my favorite places on the planet. There is something powerful about those giant trees, something about their eternity. We are born, and we die, but it’s only a moment for them. They are ever living.

All things though, have weakness and as we drove towards King’s Canyon (away from Grant’s Grove and into the Sierra Nevada), it became apparent the rampant danger California faces with the years long drought (since nearly 2010). The entire landscape of California seemed scorched, ravaged by the unrelenting sun and the lack of precious water. Much of the produce we enjoy around the country is kept alive on irrigation and water rights. I worry for the farmers who make their living in California. I am sad and disgusted by the pollution we have created. Mostly I fear for my trees, if our wanton greed and destruction should damage the Sequoia Groves we not only lose one of our greatest National treasures, we lose part of eternity.

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Old Signs in Fresno, CA

Finding Your Way

I found these old signs in Fresno, CA when visiting Pamela’s family. They took us to a place called Simonian Farms where there is a wonderful collection of random old stuff.

Perhaps it’s the raw amount I travel, but I have found myself fascinated with signs. I seem to photograph them all the time. When I was on my first trip, my Mom said, “Brian, just look up at the signs, follow them and you will be OK.”

That’s good advice for traveling and life in general really. Keep your head up. Be observant (read the signs). Everything will be OK.

I have always remembered that piece of advice and I have always seemed to find my way.

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Spine Light Sculpture

Unexpected Art

I found this light sculpture entirely by accident. I had seen Thomas Hawk talk about Spine on his blog but I didn’t expect to see it. Honestly, I didn’t realize it was near Union Square where Pamela and I were staying. We were walking around the area looking for some chocolate dessert when I passed by, stopping dead in my tracks when I realized what I had seen. I had to chase Pamela down as she was half-way up the block by the time everything registered.

Double Unexpected

One of the things I love about this piece was how it is located in a perfectly normal location! People must pass daily under this artistic creation and never suspect it is both art and function. This kind of notion…it makes me smile.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market Flowers

Farmer’s Market

I love a good farmer’s market. When visiting a new place, I often seek them out as you can’t help but get the best food, local crafts and fresh fruits you don’t normally get to try! Plus the people watching is fantastic as you sip a cup of locally grown coffee and nibble of a small sweet treat.

Colorful Flowers

I love flowers, but I have to say I don’t think I have EVER see so many cut flowers in one place as were at the Farmer’s Market in San Francisco. Enjoy the color!

Moscone Center Skylight

Moscone Center

Pamela and I wandered into the Moscone Center in San Franscisco looking for this exact skylight! Moscone Center is a very big place comprising numerous buildings in and around Yerba Buena in San Francisco. It was funny, because we had been looking at this skylight from the outside as we had lunch several times at Samovar Tea Lounge (located on the roof of this building). The great thing about this location is it is often open!

San Francisco Sunrise


We looked out the window of our hotel room and were greeted with two amazing sites of contrast. One was the amazing city of San Francisco. It’s a wonder! A city built on the most inhospitable geography. The City has burned, flooded been destroyed by earthquake…it is a wonder of modern construction and civil engineering. The other amazing site was the sunrise. Despite all we have and will do as a people, I am always most struck by the awesome power, majesty and beauty of the natural world. It is these two contrasts, both the natural and the man-made wonder that had me grabbing for my camera.

Embarcadero Stairs

The Road Ahead

I read a quote recently on the internet that I found uniquely stuck in my head.

The only reason we get stuck in jobs we don’t love is because we choose not to leave.
~Simon Sinek

I belive this extends well past career choices and into almost every facet of life. We tend to externalize our problems, overplay obligations and declare that I can’t because (insert any reason). What occurred to me was the power accepting this notion has as well as the responsibility its acceptance requires. When we realize we are directing this life, it seems all the more important to make it one we want to live. I struggle with choices, but for better or worse they have been and continue to me mine to make.


Today’s photo is of the Embarcadero Center Staircase located in Center 2.

Sunset at the Golden Gate Bridge

Dividing Line

I absolutely love contrasts in light. Dark and light, hard and soft, warm and cool. One of my favorite times is just before sunset really gets going. The layers of atmosphere start to warm up the light in the western sky, but the east is still blue and wonderful. There is this smooth transition from warm to cool that you can see in today’s photo. The west, to the left is very strong and warm, but towards the bridge you see a normal and wonderful day.

A Light at the End of a Dark Tunnel


Sometimes on our journeys, we come across obstacles. A way that can only be walked by a single path. This path can at times be scary, dark and lonely. It can fill us with a sense of unease. The path can be broken, uneven, difficult to navigate in the darkness. We risk falling down. We risk making our lives worse. We risk hurting ourselves or the ones we love. But for those of us who are brave…the light is patiently waiting.

Bridge to the City

Lucky Man

Pamela asked what I wanted to do for my birthday…I said go to San Francisco (of course). Aside from being my favorite U.S. city, it’s perhaps one of most comfortable cities for me, almost like I am called there; pulled by some cosmic force. I am very lucky, because we made the pilgrimage to The City, Pamela and me. Lucky because we are able to make the trip, both physically and financially. Lucky because I have a wonderful spouse that understands my love of wandering and wants to share in it. Lucky because we have each other to go to, Pamela, me and The City by the Bay.