The Glory of Sanctus

Heavenly Light

No Photography. It’s a sign I see all over while traveling. I generally pay heed to these signs, even when others do not. Often they serve a protective factor as at the National Archives in Washington DC. Perhaps it makes sense that places with massive numbers of tourists like Notre Dame in Paris would not allow tripods so other gawking guests don’t trip on your sticks.

What these signs, or rather the people who install them, don’t understand is photography is how I see. Photography is how I remember events in my life. I recall places as pictures in my mind and far too often I fail to remember; my photography reminds me how I spent my time on this Earth. They in many ways are my life.

When I visited St Paul’s in London and came to the alter. I saw this scene. It was like the heavens opened up to show me its glory. All the beauty man can create is nothing compared to nature. No signs matter.

The Natural History Museum London

Old Bones

I love natural history museums…they usually feel old and the Natural History Museum in London is a treat. It’s a beautiful and honestly HUGE museum. I was familiar with the great hall in today’s photo, but I was not at all familiar that you could go on and on through the rooms and endless exhibits. Pamela and I had limited time here and missed two entire sections of the complex, but still it was one of my favorite places we visited while in England.

Tower Bridge in a Field of Sunflowers

Unexpected Pleasures

One of the things I truly love about travel is how unexpected the world is. Most of the time I have only a rough sketch of where I am going or what I am doing, I just let serendipity drag me along wherever she may. Even when I am going somewhere with a particular purpose, as was the case with this photo, you never know what you will find. I was looking for City Hall and its view of Tower Bridge. I was hoping to scout the location to perhaps come back for sunrise. This didn’t happen, but we did find a field of sunflowers! I am not sure how long they were visiting for, but its not something you generally see. Serendipity!

Big Ben and Parliament

LOOK Kids…

When I go places there are a few shots I know I want to get. This one of Westminster Bridge, Big Ben and Parliament was one of those. I took tons of shots, but you almost can’t argue with just after the sun goes down and blue hour gets to moving. There is a dynamic stature to the light. I shot a bit, Pamela and I went to dinner and I can back for this beauty!