Venetian Water Fountain

Posted on February 10th, 2014 by

Not in Short Supply

If there is one commodity Venice will never run out of, it is aqua (water). All over the city you will see little fountains like these constantly running. You are encouraged to fill up your water bottle. WHAT you say? The canals are disgusting surely you cant think I would drink that! Well, as it happens the drinking water in Venice is pumped in from the mainland. More specifically it is pumped in from the Alps and was some of the best drinking water I have had in years; no plastic, not chlorine, only pure mountain goodness. Filling up your water bottle also serves another environmental purpose. Tons of waste end up in the canals every year and plastic water bottles are a particular problem. Please, when in Venice, drink the Mayor’s Water from a fountain. The one thing I cant understand, it how they can afford to waste all that awesome water!