St. Stephen’s Cathedral Interior in Vienna, Austria

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The Paradox of Time

How much time do you have?

This is one of the many lessons of my rapid travel. Time, these days, is so very precious to me. Sometimes I feel it is best spent sitting and observing. Other times it slips away as if driven by a locomotive and I can’t find the photo. I came all this way and I can’t find the damned photo! What am I doing?

I often look around and wonder when it has gone, but during my trips, it can seems in three days I have been gone an eternity. What was life like before the road?

When I return, I wonder how it was I was just in (say) Europe…yesterday. Was it even real? It seems like I never left.

There seems to be an uneven application of time, the meter of which exists only in our own perception.


During my short time in Vienna, Auatria I visited St Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom). Here I didn’t have enough time, but I think I came away with a decent shot.

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