Somewhere Along a Washington State Highway

Posted on November 17th, 2014 by

Unexpected Landscape

When you travel, you sometimes have preconceived notions of a way a place is or should be. Often you find a place or its people are nothing as you imagined them in your mind. Something quite different emerges that takes you completely by surprise. I gave away the surprise with the title of my post, but looking at today’s photo would you think it was along the highway somewhere in middle Washington State?

When I used to think of Washington I envision Seattle (or maybe something out of the Twilight novels), but like California, all of the Western Coast of the United States is WILDLY diverse. Would it surprise you to also learn during this same drive I saw my very first tumbleweed? The scenery just kept changing as we drove from the coast to Spokane. I try not to let my paradigms and prejudices color what I expect, but even after all this travel, things continue to surprise me.

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