Park Guell at the Entrance

Posted on July 31st, 2014 by

A Beautiful Mind

To me, Barcelona is Gaudi. It’s an unfair characterization, but when you have a true artist in your city’s history, one so gifted at seeing what others miss, it’s impossible for me not to find comfort. Gaudi is everywhere, or rather it is perhaps that his style is so impactful, one viewing of a masterpiece and it seems all you have seen. Today’s photo was one of his great failures. That too is unfair. It failed during Gaudi’s time, when I visited it was one of the more popular places in Barcelona. Perhaps this is one of the great lessons for people working or even dabbling in the arts. Even the masters have their critics as it seems in Gaudi’s time no one wanted to live in the Mansions in Parc Güell. I can’t imagine, unless at the time the Park was so far from the city proper, but even then, what views!

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