Longing Archer at Villa del Balbianello

Posted on April 14th, 2014 by

Coming to Italy for a Single Location

I came to Italy this time around to visit this location…Villa del Balbianello on Lago (Lake) Como just north of Milan. I spent two days in Milan. It’s a wonderful city full of life and fashion, but these days I think I prefer less the overt flash of the city, and instead enjoy the seduction of nature. This villa has played host to several films. James Bond recovers here (a hospital) in the Daniel Craig version of Casino Royale. This is the Lake Retreat settings for Star Wars Episode 2 where Anakin and Padmé hide out and also the location of their wedding.

Feelings on the Lake

I can’t adequately communicate how absolutely beautiful Lago Como is and every time I try, it comes out all wrong. The wisteria was just starting to bloom and the sweet smell flooded my senses during my entire time at the lake. It seemed everywhere I turned, someone had planted another fragrant vine just to brighten my day. This statue of a female archer seemed to stare out across the beauty of the area. She had a job to do, but longed to be lost in the beauty that she found here. I know exactly how she feels.

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