Tokyo International Forum

Posted on November 21st, 2013 by

Simply Wonderful

When I visit a new city, I go online and do a search for the best photographic opportunities. I can generally fill my days to the brim with interesting places and it’s always a challenge to decide which locations get sunrise and sunset. Sometimes this is eased by weather, for if it will be cloudy, there will be no sunrise. In my search for Tokyo, one place kept coming up over and over…The Tokyo International Forum. This center is a multipurpose meeting space of sorts on a grand scale. I stopped by one night and was immediately in love with the space. There is just so much going on, such simplicity, but yet such wonderful attention to detail. I don’t know many of the particulars of Rafael Viñoly design, but the nautical influence is impossible to miss. The building looks as though it was constructed from pieces of what should have been a massive ship, but rather, these by some twist of fate simply ended up being affixed to the island of Japan.