The Sun in a Garden of Music

Posted on February 25th, 2013 by

Wonderful World

There are times where the depth of beauty and amazing creativity of the human spirit move me out of myself into another place. Most concert halls are dark and have mechanically controlled light, in Catalonia I found a jewel that was the exact opposite.

I was amazingly lucky to be allowed to time to photograph the breath taking Palau de la Música Catalana while in Barcelona, Spain. The amazing people at the Palau gave me complete access to this treasure. Though difficult to see in this image (don’t worry there are many more), the skylight of the Palau is three dimensional. It was lovingly said to me, the skylight is like the sun and the Palau is as a garden of music. A more perfect description could not exist. I only hope my photographs will do some justice to the glory of the Palau.