The Mughal Garden of Shangri La

Posted on May 13th, 2013 by

Old Mansions

There is, for me, something fascinating about touring old mansions. In part it is the history of the place. Fantastic stories of visitors and deals made under a roof as powerful men and women visit a person’s home. I also love old building techniques. There is an impersonal nature to sheetrock and modern building techniques. I simply love seeing the works of master craftsmen and artists. Then a good portion I think has to do with all the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous I saw as a kid. Who doesn’t like to think of actually living in one of these palaces.

On my most recent trip to Hawaii I visited Doris Duke’s Shangri La. I was on the regular tour as sadly the person who helps with special access was away. There is little you are allowed to photograph, but I was allowed to handhold a shot in the fantastic Mugal Garden. The cypress tress are a sort of oddity for Hawaii, but they somehow seem to thrive here. If you happen to be on Oahu, definitely put this on your list. They have one of the finest Islamic Art collections in the western world! On my next trip, I hope to get to photograph inside the estate as well as bring my tripod!