The Louvre

Posted on May 28th, 2012 by

The Museum-Fortress-Palace

Before The Louvre was one of the worlds finest collections of art, it was a palace; an ENORMOUS palace (over 650,000 square feet of exhibition space)! Before that, a fortress, complete with moats to keep out the invading hoards. All being told, this type of art isn’t my favorite (though lady Mona is exquisite). If I wanted realistic depictions of the world I would rather see a photograph. It not that I don’t appreciate the technical aspects, the sheer age or the masterful talent…it just doesn’t speak to me the same way a Van Gogh does. Maybe that explains quite a bit of why I photograph the way I do…I am looking for feeling, emotion, movement, color. HDR plays with all of these.

A Number of Attempts

When we visited France, it rained quite a bit. The skies were a dull grey for much of the first few days of our visit. But around the middle of our journey, we started to get some blue sky and I kept dragging Pamela back to places we had already been for a second opportunity to photograph in better light. This is one such example of an afternoon of sun and wonderful blue skies.


This is a three shot bracket (-2, 0, +2) on a Canon 5D Mark II on a 50mm f1.4, combined in photomatix. All remaining processing was done in Lightroom 4.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!