St Patrick’s Cathedral NYC

Posted on December 3rd, 2012 by

Holy, Holy, Holy…

When you have been to the great cathedrals of Europe it becomes more and more difficult to be impressed by more modern churches in the United States. It’s not that we do anything wrong in our construction, rather, it’s simply difficult to compete with a structures that have withstood hundreds of years. One very notable exception is St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City at a very young 134, this is one of the most beautiful houses of worship in the United States.

Random Festivals

While Pamela shopped across the street at H&M (yes St Patrick’s is across the street from shopping), I decided to walk over to St. Pat’s to get a quick scouting look and if things were quite (very few people) I might get a few shots. Quite was not exactly the mood, rather it was packed with people celebrating a Peruvian Catholic Festival called SeƱor de los Milagros de Nazarenas. It is aparently on the the largest processions in the world (in Lima, Peru)…the festivities in NYC were impressive and I was caught up in the excitement. The photography below was the next day when we returned to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. The video was during the festival shot from my iPhone.