La Conciergerie

Posted on February 19th, 2012 by

Of Palaces and Prisons

One of the interesting places we visited in Paris was the La Conciergerie. Build in the Middle Ages as a Merovingian Palace, it was later converted to a prison when Charles V decided the Louvre was much better digs. It had a bit of a notorious reputation, from the torture, to its roll as a holding cell for prisoners before meeting the guillotine during the reign of terror. This staircase is located in the main hall and leads up to the upper stories…we weren’t allowed to use them.

A Wonderful Place for Children

The day we visited there were these interesting blue lights strategically places all around the main hall. There was some sort of arts and crafts workshop for children going on. I thought it strange, given the heinous reputation of the place that it would now be used as a playground for kids, but perhaps a prison might be the best place to keep them…I am kidding…maybe. As a side note, I found it very interesting how well behaved the children and dogs where in Paris. Perhaps its just a product of being in a big European city, but everyone…and everything was just so darn polite.