The Trap

Posted on October 2nd, 2011 by


As I traveled through Indiana on a recent business trip, I had the opportunity to visit several small towns. In one such place I found an old abandoned Victorian house, ravaged by the hands of time. I stopped to take some pictures of the dilapidated old estate, but what immediately caught my eye was this rusty old small animal trap positioned on the dirty and barren porch. Surely placed there long ago to capture creatures who meant to do the old structure harm given the complete absence of human presence. The trap remained open, long forgotten and innocuous to any of the creatures it was made to ensnare.

Time Marches On

Perhaps it was there to remind me of something. Perhaps it was a simple metaphor of the way time can sometimes erase our will. We forget why we set out to do one thing or the other. We just continue to do them, without a firm purpose; without effect. Like that rusted old trap on the porch of a forgotten once beautiful home, we become trapped within our own selves. Yes, that trap was there to help me to remember something I forgot long ago.